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    Downwind Practice turns

    - chilly day on Tomales bay, and a good time to work on keeping the boat moving through the gybes. (1981 Laser, 2006 sail - I have newer sails, but glad I used the beater this time as my last gybe of the day resulted in a complete turtle capsize and mast stuck in nasty mud!)
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    Intensity "Square Head" sail

    I know racers and those who wish to stay class-legal probably aren't using them, but I have one. Been using it for a year now - mostly when it's not blowing 20 or more and like the shape and "feel" of more power. Any other sailors have feedback on this sail?
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    A Laser Day, nearly 18 years ago

    (I just ran across this old account of a pretty sporty day on Tomales Bay. Kind of long..... but I'm happy to report I still sail my Laser there. Maybe a bit more conservatively) Too Much Fun (almost) - TomalesBay, Northern California. February, 2000 Our little Laser-buddy group...
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    Early Laser days

    I'm about to take a three week vacation, and will be missing my Laser on Tomales Bay, CA. I just ran across this old memory from when I was pretty new in the boat (about 30 years ago, and I confess I'm still "learning.") Levels of Laser Sailing Level One: When it is just windy enough to...
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    Merry Christmas, Laser sailors

    - and may we all stay mostly upright in 2017.
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    Radial or 4.7 experience in big wind?

    I am just about 68 years old. I weigh 182 lbs, and have been sailing my Laser for 34 years, mostly in pretty breezy conditions on Tomales Bay, CA. I don't race at all. Lately I have been loving the new square-head Intensity sail for less windy days, and the Standard rig for most of the...
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    A Good Day on Tomales Bay

    Nothing too radical, but this Saturday was a nice one for connecting the jibes in my 34-year old Laser. Glad I noticed the traveler line was frayed to near breaking BEFORE I launched. No one else was out to enjoy it, but so glad I went. Love this boat!
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    Tomales Bay California

    Spring wind report (late April, this was....) Dennis O.