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    Can you teach a beginner to sail in 20+ knot winds?

    Anyone else sailing inland/lakes (in the north) usually wait until this time of year to get out with heavier winds? If you haven't seen this guy's channel he has a bunch about sailing lakes in Wisconsin (I think) including multi day camping on his sunfish, has his own techniques for stowing...
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    40 years old and overweight (the boat that is!)

    I'm talking about my boat of course -- but also myself too if I'm being honest. I think this boat was maybe built the same year and month as my birth (June 1980) but not sure. Hull seems to be in good shape, but it is quite a bit overweight. I don't think I got a very accurate weight...
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    Anyone know what this boat is?

    I'm trying to identify this little boat, a kind of small Sailfish knockoff, about 10' loa, 3' beam, mast far forward and a bit of a cockpit molded in the top. See photos. Does anyone recognize this or know of a similar boat? A neighbor wanted to get rid of it so I added it to my pile of boats...