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    Furling Jib vs. Hanks for racing

    I currently have a C14.2 with a furling jib. I am considering getting sails for racing and I am curious why everyone uses hanked sails in our racing club. It seems like the places that make racing sails will make them either with hanks or with the luff wire for furling. So, is there some...
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    Connecting Tack of Jib to Roller Furling Drum

    I recently purchased a 1994 (Mod 2) C14.2 with a Harken (model 434?) roller furling on it. (I think this is a standard installation.) After a few times on the water, whatever once connected the tack of jib down to the roller furling drum is now disconnected. So, pulling the furling line spins...
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    C14.2 Rigging through the years

    I am shopping for a C14.2 and I am curious if the rigging design has changed much through the different "mods." My friend is selling a 1994 model and he told me he didn't think it had boom vang or cunningham adjuments on the main sail. Yet, every discussion of rigging I have seen (including...
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    Capri 14.2 vs. Bucc 18?

    I am trying to decide whether to get a Buccaneer 18 or Capri 14.2 for a little daysailer. We do a lot of cruising on 25-30' boats in San Diego, but we'd like a daysailer near our house in Tempe, AZ. Our sailing club has fleets for both boats. Here are the things I would like to do with the...