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    2017 Laser for sale (Radial and 4.7 rig)

    My email is thanks,
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    2017 Laser for sale (Radial and 4.7 rig)

    Thank you for your interest. Please find Photos.
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    TEXAS 2017 Laser for sale (Radial and 4.7 rig)

    Laser 2017 boat (Race ready) is stored in garage. includes: composite top section regular top section lower radial rig lower 4.7 rig boom Radial sail used only at Worlds Radial Practice Sail 4.7 Sails X 2 4.7 Practice Sail Dynamic Dollie rudder dagger board aluminum tiller and tiller...
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    Laser 4.7 Lower part mast

    Dear Frits, Thank you very much for your reply. I am Jun Masumoto living in Houston. I am looking for the Laser 4.7 Lower part for my daughter. - How is the condition of 4.7 Lower part and is it class-legal one? - Your new sail is Brand-new? or is it with your number(192015)? - I will be...
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    Laser 4.7 rig (lower mast+sail)

    Hi, I am interested in your items. Are they still available?
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    TEXAS Laser 4.7 Lower part mast

    I am looking for 4.7 Lower part mast !
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    4.7 used sail and mast base

    Hello Your items are still available? If yes, can I see photos?
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    Hello I am interested in the boat. I live in near TCYC. I would like to see the Boat!!!
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    2014 Laser Radial with Trailer (galvanized)

    Is it possible to buy daggarboard and extra tire sets?