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    Bunk/Rail locations for deck-down trailering.

    I have an open trailer that I can place two 5 foot bunks on. I'd like to put them in a location that provides the most amount of support and balance. Since a lot of people cartop and use a roof rack I thought that horizontal supports would be the standard. But I have room to have both bunks go...
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    Tokyo 2020

    I'll always have a fondness for Gary Jobson but he sounds completely lost during the NBC coverage of this race. (Radial Race #2)
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    2014 MK I winning boat, trailer, 2 dollies, many sails

    Hi. I noticed that the hull number you have listed is not typical for the build year. A 2014 boat would be in the #206663 – 208458 range. Can you post a picture of the plaque sticker? Thanks!
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    Any videos of the 2016 Rio Olympic races?

    woah Thanks!
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    Any videos of the 2016 Rio Olympic races?

    I can't find them anywhere.
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    Ben Ainslie sailing in spat socks

    That's it. Thanks! Just needed to scan ahead haha.
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    Ben Ainslie sailing in spat socks

    I was reading Ainslie's Laser Campaign Manual yesterday and noticed in an image of his downwind position he's wearing what looks like football spat socks over his boots. Anyone know why he would do this or what advantage it might be giving? I googled for a while to try to find mention of it. But...
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    New builders

    Now that the new builders are cranking away I'm sure a lot of you guys are going to want to get rid of your slow, old, lame, slow boats. If you're in the PNW I'd be happy to take that dusty old ride off your hands. I mean who wants a slow PSA boat when you can have a world-beater Ovington? I...
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    do you have any more images of the boat and gear? if you don't want to post them could you send to rbniland(at)gmail Thanks!
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Artist Marian Bantjes and LP did a special edition in 2010 They made 12. I wonder who has them and where they are...
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    OREGON Wanted Laser Radial in Oregon, Washington, Northern CA area

    Looking for a newer hull radial rig in the PNW. Thanks!
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    New Tapered Spin Pole and Kevlar Genoa

    $370 Tapered aluminum Selden spin pole used in only 1 regatta. $900 Hyde Sails Code 2R Kevlar Genoa used only in 1 race: The 2R is a lightweight sail made from two weights of Kevlar laminates. Dimension-Polyant X-Tech X10 in the luff Dimension-Polyant X15 in the leech. both are in annapolis...