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    MAINE Phantom piece needed

    I purchased a Phantom sailboat and am redoing it. I need the little black piece the mainsail runs through to the cam cleat. This piece on this boat fits underneath the coaming in a small space, the rope runs through it and into the cockpit. If anyone has one or knows of something similar...
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    Sunfish cam cleat

    Does anyone know if a Sunfish cam cleat would work on a Phantom? Need mine replaced, hoping Sunfish will work.
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    Phantom Sailboat question

    I know I entered the Sunfish portion but helping someone may have some knowledge about a Phantom. I sold my Sunfish last year and have since picked u a Phantom. I removed all the hardware so I could paint the boat. I took pics of where everything was, but must have deleted the pics. Does...
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    MAINE Looking for Phantom Sailboat

    I am interested in a Phantom Sailboat. If anyone has any leads, I would be very interested. I am in Southern Maine. Thanks.
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    MAINE Sunfish coaming wanted

    I am looking for a Sunfish coaming, preferably red in color. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks. Lauren
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    sunfish mast up hull cover

    Looking for a new or used Sunfish mast up hull cover. Please contact me at Thanks.
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    I have an almost new Rollaboattote. I used this only twice, the rocks were I sail in Maine are just too large to allow me to move my Sunfish alone. This tote works wonderfully on grass, sand, pavement, small rocks, etc. The tote has been stored inside, never out, and used only twice. Looks...