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    Sunfish on CRV

    It could but..... I have been strapping down kayaks , surfskis , optis and sunfish on to cars for15 years , IMHO it is not worth the risk to jury rig it. You could put some blankets down , sure BUT you hit the wrong bump or swervre in an emergency (can't predict those can we) you could have a...
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    Sunfish on CRV

    If your rack is rated for 75 pounds then DON'T put a 140 pound sunfish on it ! If the Rack fails you at best scratch the you know what out of your car paint , and at worse injure someone , Hoping Beldars advise is somewhat in jest if not.....Bad Beldar !:eek:
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    Sunfish on CRV

    Get a higher rated rack , most Yakima?/thules are rated @250 lbs. , OR a trailer
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    What to wear sailing

    If you sail in water less than tropical.........preventing hypothermia , PRICELESS ! and of course totally relevant to the conditions in which you play. Over many years of sea kayaking , surfski paddling and now sailing I have gotten mildly hypothermic a few times , never over the edge but close...
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    Did Sunfish make a "Millenium Edition?"

    NICE Score ! you shoulda asked for a reciept ,lol.....
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    Did Sunfish make a "Millenium Edition?"

    Nice lookin boat isle of wight , curious what the good lady sold it to you for.
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    Down-Ratcheting Web Straps

    Harken makes a garage ceiling storage system designed to raise and lower boats onto vehicles , saw one at rei and it looked good , however @$120 kinda spendy.
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    ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base diagram?

    Wayne , that looks like it would work to me. Anyone......why not ??????
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    Bigger Sail for a Sunfish

    You are suggesting 44% increase in sail area ?????? By the time you make accomadations of design you may just as well try a bigger boat. I would venture that the radical change to sail area you are suggesting will not only create a bunch of other problems , It won't improve performance in the...
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    Best Wetsuit?

    with a wetsuit like that you don't need a boat !
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    Sunfish Set up Help

    chase craigslist ! you may find for a couple hundred bucks a waterloggged nightmare hull......THAT HAS ALL THE OTHER PARTS YOU NEED.... and you can use the trasher hull for a bar or a planter or a.......
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    Best Wetsuit?

    with those temps you may be better served (and not hypothermic) with a drysuit with layers underneath adjusted accordingly. downside = $$$$$$$$$
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    How do you get to be a good sailor?

    Maybe not where you live.....don't try this in SoCal !
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    Uses for a dead Sunfish

    Now THATS one helluva rudder mount eh ? , lovin the helm just pluggin right into the mast step !
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    15mph winds tomorrow! Finally..!

    I believe that would be running downwind.
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    What year is this fish?

    Looks to be in good shape !
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    hit submerged tree, hull damage, need help!

    Re: hit submurged tree, hull damage, need help! This may be one for Wayne , yet i believe you should have on the starboard deck alongside the cockpit a nickle size slotted drain plug (brass). there is likely some variations over the years as to location and material of this plug and I defer to...
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    hit submerged tree, hull damage, need help!

    Re: hit submurged tree, hull damage, need help! Take a deep breath and the drain plug out ! the water sloshing about will drain(boat on edge with drain plug down) out way before it will penetrate the floatation. Now off to bed with you and we can see the damage when you post the pics.
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    Tiller flex questions

    secure the blade (protected) in a vice or similar in a vertical orientation then lighlty torgue on the tiller to determine where the looseness is.Does your tiller have a length wise split in it ? the aluminum won't have "softened" up much and if it is the problem is more likely cracked . DON'T...
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    Sunfish to Super Sunfish?

    DUDE ! , the race is on for Georgia ! , kidding :)