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  1. J

    Red/white/blue Intensity sail

    Like new, red/white/blue Intensity sail with window
  2. J

    Average 22 with gusts to 36 knts

    They were just a little off with the wind speed estimates. Predicted was avg 12-14, gusts to low 20's. Any idea how fast a Sunfish can go? I am impressed with these little boats. It really handled the conditions well. I , how ever, have discovered that my boat is in much better shape then I am :)
  3. J

    Sunfish Sail

    I have an "AMF Alcort Class Approved Sail", blue/yellow/white in good shape, all grommets and seams are good and sail is usable as is. Has a few pin holes that could use a little tape and the logo is a little faded. Having trouble posting pictures, can send directly.
  4. J

    Home made dolly

    Didn't want to clutter the other thread. This is the cart I made. The strap is removable so I have an extra tie down, the foam taped at the front was the temporary solution to test the cart. I will be installing some upgrades. Current investment is about $35.00
  5. J

    Wanted: Rudder/Tiller parts

    I have a newer style wood rudder, I need hardware to go with it. Cheek plates and tiller side plates. I have all older bronze hardware if someone needs it.
  6. J

    Wanted: serviceable sail

    Need a useable sail for a sunfish, nothing special, just has to last till the end of the season. Contact me here Thanks
  7. J

    Wanted in NW CT

    Looking for a complete or mostly complete Sunfish, not picky about the year, don't need a trailer. Needing some repair is ok, I can fix pretty much anything.
  8. J

    New from NW CT

    New to Sunfish, not to sailing. Looking to get into formal racing. I currently crew club races on a CS33 on the sound. The Sunfish class seems like an affordable option and New England has a pretty active schedule. I would like to meet up with others near NW CT, and get some education. I can...