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  1. UK Laser Sailor

    Laser Gooseneck

    Does anybody know the............. 1) Reason the laser gooseneck has a little hole in it before we all went XD? Before the "XD" rigging and even before the days of block or metal eyes being allow l have never used it. 2) Is it in the class rule if the hole should be at the top or bottom?
  2. UK Laser Sailor

    Harken Kicker and a new Website

    Couple of thing seem to have happened of late at LP. Or it's old new and l am slow out the blocks. 1) New website They have put a new look website live. Gives you very little info on LP as a company. Also the range of boats shown varies depending on the region pick. What l found very telling...
  3. UK Laser Sailor

    Sailing and Music

    Sailing and Rap would not be the first combination i would think of but love this sailing rap on youtube about leaving to sail. Any other example people know of?
  4. UK Laser Sailor

    Laser in the US and Bart's Bash

    I used the class sign up ratios as a example for a reply on the Introducing the New Official Class Sail, thread in the Laser Class Politics section but why is no US laser signed up for Barts Bash...
  5. UK Laser Sailor

    Argentina "Training" Laser

    I had hear the stories of the China Lasers but l have never come across any of these copied boat. Check out this facebook page for Dinghies Argentina. It's a "training" laser. You can have custom deck colours and graphics. These "training" boats...
  6. UK Laser Sailor

    Bart's Bash - The World's Biggest Sailing Event

    Have you and your club signed up for Bart's Bash yet? This must end up being the world biggest sailing event? If you haven't hear about it yet, check out Also check out to see how worldwide the event will be. Please help spread the word.
  7. UK Laser Sailor

    The Laser class and ISAF

    So the Jan edition of Laserworld is out and includes a summary from the ILCA World Council Meeting. The following jumped out regarding proposals ISAF are working on. Trying to find the ISAF side of the story. Anybody know more...