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    Do all boats have cubitainers? I have a 76 and a 97mod without. I also have a 75? , a 79 and an 80, a 2005 with..... I know 6boats are too much. I have to sell. But I got them for "an offer I could not resist."
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    Laser 25618

    New project or wreck? 1975? Delivered with standard and M-rig. No cubitainers! Styrofoam under cockpit?! Wang cleat on boom. Who made it?
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    Anyone know this badge?
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    2016 LPE Laser with structural issue(s)?

    There is this 210995 LPE Laser with a damage inside in front of the keel. And they sell it cheap after trying to get refund/complaint. It is sailed two seasons an put to rest after that. But what about the building qualities from LPE in this periode? I also compare it with a well used Laser...
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    Laser number

    How do we read this number:
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    ILCA tiller and extension

    What is normal lenght in cm? 110cm?
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    Whats inside a new laser?

    This boat is from the -70s. Its full of wet plywood. Have LP changed the interior backing plates with something more water-resistant material? What about the support plywood strip under the cockpit?
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    Laser from 1970....?

    I have got a laser hull for free. No number under the bow bugel. But number under the cockpit. It is glued with hard polyester. Not the red stuff from Irish production. The foam is 10mm closed cell. Amazing. I have cut it open, just to see that I have to close it again. Anyone have any idea of...