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  1. Fun Fish

    Straightening a spar

    Hello Sunfish people, Wind and waves got the better of me this weekend, drove my mast and upper boom into Mississippi mud, and after a friendly rescue, my lovely little fish has a bent upper boom. Please send your best tips for straightening a bent spar....or point me to the correct resource...
  2. Fun Fish

    Renting Sunfish

    Hi folks--this is a long shot, but here goes. Does anyone know of Sunfish rental outlets in the Destin, Florida area? Heading to the beach, don't feel like trailering mine, and having no luck online. (Of course a championships boat from this week in nearby Fort Walton wouldn't be bad, but a...
  3. Fun Fish

    Universal replace or not to replace

    Hi Sunfish people, The sun has finally come out in the south and it's back to the water--hooray! I have a universal joint this something folks recommend replacing regularly or only when it starts looking very sketchy (and stretchy and torn up)? Thanks in advance! Gratefully...
  4. Fun Fish

    Pintle: to worry or not to worry

    Hi folks, Put the fish in the water for the first sail of 2010 yesterday--hooray, summer's coming! I have a recent model rudder assembly. When I went to place the rudder, my pintle was a little sticky--I couldn't pop it down at first and then when I was ready to pop it back up in the gudgeon...
  5. Fun Fish

    Snug fit on a Seitech Dolly?

    Hi Folks, I have a Seitech dolly and love it. I pull it to the beach and launch with ease. My only problem is with the bow occasionally jumping off of its fitting when I cross bumpy terrain or struggle up a slope. It often comes back down and hits the C-shaped fitting. I have a chip or two...
  6. Fun Fish

    Maybe they just want to sail...

    Thanks to all of you who helped me earlier in the summer with suggestions about how to keep mice from meeting their watery demise in my mast step. The latest development is that a furry friend extricated him or herself from a glue trap and then got stuck on my mast. Fortunately, he extricated...
  7. Fun Fish

    Eek! A mouse!

    So I went for a lovely sail yesterday and when I stepped the mast, not quite as much water flushed out as usual and there was a funny smell, but I chalked it up to stagnant water and the great outdoors. When I returned home and began rinsing the boat and rigging, odd puffs of something rose up...
  8. Fun Fish

    BigFish thoughts?

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience with the IP BigFish to share? Thanks in advance!
  9. Fun Fish

    Tiller Tips

    Hi folks, Looking for any of your favorite ways or tips to avoid those crescent scratches in stern deck from back & forth motion of tiller held too low--thanks in advance! Fun Fish