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    1979 Laser Restoration Questions/Thread

    Hello Kodiak, Welcome to the joy of bringing a wonderful old laser back to excellent condition. First step, if you plant to paint the boat. Epoxy resin is ok to use. If you plan to spend days matching gelcoat, you must use polyester or vinylester. Polyester is cheaper than epoxy but not as...
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    New (to me) Laser 2: Batten help

    Just an idea, if you have still not found battens. I purchased some recmar plastream sail battens from Sailrite last year. They work great. Cut them to proper length to fit the batten pocket. At $10 each, it's a steal compared to full purchase battens. On the two lower (shorter) battens they...
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    Very used/worn Laser 2 main & chute - just pay for shipping

    Hi JPop, I am interested in the spinnaker. I saw your pictures before and it would be a great addition to my boat. Just a note, I used the old mainsail for my laser 2, cut off about 5sq ft to trim out the bag in the sail, added a reefing point and use it for days when the wind is so strong I...