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  1. kellymac24

    Tokyo Boats

    Anyone know what happens to the Tokyo lasers? Do they get sold off? Who manufactured them?
  2. kellymac24

    Sail Numbers

    What's the ruling on sail numbers? Like if you and someone else signed up for a regatta under the same number, whoever has that hull gets it right?
  3. kellymac24

    Flying with Laser Blades

    Has anyone brought their blades on an airline? I'm looking at flying to California likely through american air, has anyone flown with their blades? About how much did it cost? Is it a normal checked bag or is it super inconvenient?
  4. kellymac24

    Stuck lower mast

    My lower section is stuck in my mast step, it will wiggle around but won’t rotate. The only thing I can think of is the mast wear strip somehow cane off and folded over itself. How can I get it out?
  5. kellymac24

    Composite lower

    Wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the composite lower? It looks like most of the fleet was using them at Kiel but then I didn’t see any at Euro Champs a few weeks later?
  6. kellymac24

    NEW JERSEY Class Legal 4.7 lowers

    OCYC is selling some extra class legal 4.7 lowers that are in pretty good shape, $150 each can deliver them for an additional fee
  7. kellymac24

    NEW JERSEY Yellow hiking strap

    Looking for one of the yellow hiking straps, I think vanguard may have made them?
  8. kellymac24

    2021 worlds

    Anyone know where/when worlds 2021 is going to be? We got to start racing again someday right?
  9. kellymac24

    Carbon Lower

    The composite radial lower was supposed to become class legal in september after the olympics were over, is this still when it will become legal or is it pushed back to not interfere with qualification for 2021?
  10. kellymac24

    Zhik superwarm

    I'm trying to decide between the zhik superwarm skiff suit and the zhik superwarm steamer. I'm in south jersey and would like to keep sailing through the winter, I'm not planning on going out anyways below freezing or in winds 15kts+ to limit my chance of going for a swim. Of the 2 which would I...