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  1. Pete Z

    boom replacement / repair?

    Had a boom break as you described. Inserted a wooden dowel of the proper diameter, kept in place with a machine screw. Worked well for many years.
  2. Pete Z

    Help with tiller extension bolt

    If I remember correctly I have seen that round headed bolt with a square section on the reverse. The bolt fit into a square section in the hole on the tiller, thus the bolt would not turn when the nut was attached. However over the years the square section in the tiller rounded out and the...
  3. Pete Z

    Sunfish sails and parts - deal of a lifetime

    Beldar do you remember Lands End? They had a beautiful slick paper catalog with all sorts of items for sail boats. Then they started selling some clothing and over a few years abandoned boat parts altogether. They made out just fine.
  4. Pete Z

    Lost older brass drain plug

    I remember replacing the brass plug with a s/s bolt from Ace. I think it was a 5 threads per inch, 3/8" (?) about !/2" long. I filed down the nut edges to make it smooth.
  5. Pete Z

    Daggerboard retainer shockcord: How taut?

    My rig is simpler. Take a piece of 3/8 shock cord and tie a bowline in it that the mast can fit through. Tie a piece of 1/8 line to the free end of the shock cord. Install a small clam cleat on the front of the center board. When you step the mast put the butt end through the loop in the...
  6. Pete Z

    Help - crack in cockpit

    I assume this is in the cockpit. I repaired an older fish with a crack like this. This can be fixed with a fiberglas patch. You can get a kit from West Marine that should do the job.
  7. Pete Z

    Sunfish sheet diameter

    Thicker lines are easier on the hands. I use 7/16" main sheet.
  8. Pete Z

    Where to find a shorter Tiller

    Downwind in light air a shorter tiller would be more comfortable. If you are handy go to Home Depot and get a piece of oak 1"x3"x4'. You can make 2 tillers out of this.
  9. Pete Z

    Straighten Catalina 14 Omega mast?

    I have hull 1553 which also has yellow topsides. The mast looks good,other than the bend, shows much less corrosion than on mine. Go for trying to straighten it. If it works it is a whole lot cheaper than a new mast.
  10. Pete Z

    What is the proper way to use swivel cam cleat?

    Don't know quite what your problem is. I have used the swivel clam cleats on all my Fish and on Force Five's and Lasers. What you never do is let go of the sheet in heavy air. When it is cleated keep tension on the sheet, when you feel the boat starting to heel excessively lift up on the...
  11. Pete Z

    Can anyone tell me anything about this boat ?

    I sold one in 2006 with trailer for $940. Hull looked better cosmetically than yours.
  12. Pete Z

    First time on the water

    I have the mast up and the rudder on and flipped up. I can see them in the rear view mirror and line them up to back staight.
  13. Pete Z

    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    The Force 5 is a little more stable than a Laser but can still be a handful in plus 15 breezes. For shear enjoyment of sailing I would recommend the Sunfish. They are more available and easier to sell, plus parts are very available.
  14. Pete Z

    JC strap rigging

    I make a loop out of #/8 shock cord with a 7 - 8 inch tail. I then tie a 12 - 15 inch 1/8 inch line to the tail. The 1/8 line goes to a small clam cleat on the top of the CB. Pull the line to get enough tension from the shock cord to hold the CB where you want it.
  15. Pete Z

    Transporting Sunfish mast

    I have used a crutch which mounts in the mast hole together with an aft support behind the cockpit with different configurations for several fish. The aft support is across the boat with cutouts lined with carpet. On previous boats the cross piece was a 2x4 the width of the boat with attached...
  16. Pete Z

    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    The gasket is basically a rubber tube that is kept in place by a lip that rises up from the hole.
  17. Pete Z

    Forward Hatch Cover on the Omega 14

    Here are a few pics of the hatch cover on my Omega 14, hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.
  18. Pete Z

    Stability and Baby Bobs

    I have owned a Omega 14 for several years now and have found you have to be constantly aware of this hulls stability. As an example: I was at anchor in about 2' of water and was sitting in the boat just aft of the mast. I moved in some way I don't remember and the boat rolled over. No harm...
  19. Pete Z

    Rigging help

    Contac1 800 959 7245 and inquire about a new mast.
  20. Pete Z

    not a Sunfish but I'm baffled!

    This boat is called a SAROCA and was designed as a multiuse boat. It was advertised regularly in Small Boat Journal in the 80s and 90s. You could sail it, row it or paddle it.