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    For Sale. Older J-24 spinnakers (1 North, 1 Quantum) and Quantum genoa

    Practice sails, anyone? Cleaning out my sail stash. These are all from a J-24. Spinnakers: 2002 North Sails, one small 2.5" repair on the upper part of the starboard edge. Grommets solid but some wear at the clews. White #USA 3316. 2001 Quantum Sails, one 5" straight tear (not repaired, I...
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    Wooden Spars

    Hi Bandit, I'm interested in that Minifish sail. Got a Minifish restoration project free on Craigslist and the sail is very beat up and was patched with duct tape in many spots by the previous owner. And though it's an Alcort original sail, it is PINK and white stripes, not my style at all...