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    Aluminum or stainless rivets on spars

    Corrosion is exactly what I was worried about, but I wasn't sure since the SS on Aluminum was showing no signs of rust after nearly 25 years (granted, limited use for the first 20). I hadn't thought of the new fabric strap trapping moisture which the old plastic piece wouldn't have. I did go...
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    Aluminum or stainless rivets on spars

    My mainsheet guide loop broke, so I think now is a good time finally replace that piece of hard plastic with a soft loop that won't cut my head open if it hits me. I noticed the rivets on my boom for all the factory hardware (1998 vanguard) were stainless steel. I was expecting aluminum since...
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    Best Digital Compass: Raymarine TackTick vs Nautalytics vs Velocitek Prism?

    I'm planning to get a digital compass and have seen a lot of the Nautalitics compasses around, though I have never used it myself. I've used the TackTick on larger boats quite a bit so that's my frame of reference. Which is better? How so? Are there other options to consider?
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    Mainsheet eye measurement

    I'm planning to change the rigid eystrap on my boom with a soft strap made from a bit of cover left over from a tapered spin sheet. I knew of this diagram in the class rules and the 1 inch width rule, but what about the 15mm bit? It says "nominal" on the right of the diagram and is not mentioned...
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    Grabrail Repairs

    I had one grabrail pull out - captive nuts and all - and removed the other one to find only two of the nuts holding it in. I am considering just ditching the nuts and filling the holes with MarineTex and screwing the grabrails back on directly to that. Has anyone done that before and has it...
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    Daggerboard Measurements (Changes?)

    Admittedly, I didn't have calipers so my "measurement" was slapping a ruler across the top and squinting at it. It's possible I was off by 1-1.5mm just due to rounded edges and worn paint, but the point is one of the boards is noticeably (1-2mm thicker) than the others. I know the class rules...
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    Daggerboard Measurements (Changes?)

    I have 3 (foam) daggerboards and noticed the new-to-me board seemed different (fit more snuggly in the trunk, heavier), so I measured it and found that it was 31mm across (widest point on the top) while the other two were only 29mm across. As I understand it, there was only one builder of...