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  1. Dsoc

    Fall Mess Abouts

    I am going to do test work on my newest Sunfish at - Greenbriar State Park. There is a small lake, boat ramp, and sandy beach areas. Shakedown cruise.
  2. Dsoc

    Early sunfish Tapered Mast, does anyone need one??

    I have the Wood Upper and Lower Booms, Gooseneck, and hardware to go with that. I wish I lived closer.
  3. Dsoc

    Sunfish Weight

    I brought home another Sunfish. It was in dry storage for 12 years. 1968 model. I also have a sunfish I picked up that was left under a porch. 1966 model. I cannot believe the difference in the weight of the two. The 1968 is 120 lbs. The other is much heavier.
  4. Dsoc

    When is it time to call it quits?

    You have it! Rewire, LED's, Bearing Buddies
  5. Dsoc

    Recently inherited a super sailfish

    Looks like a nice original wood Sailfish. Get it on the water and enjoy.
  6. Dsoc

    My Saturday Find. SN # 57722

  7. Dsoc

    My Saturday Find. SN # 57722

    I am planning to wax the hull. I surface. I was hoping to save the original colors for a while. I am afraid abrasives will take it off in area. This one will be a clean it up and sail. I will post a pic after the waxing.
  8. Dsoc

    My Saturday Find. SN # 57722

    Just one.
  9. Dsoc

    My Saturday Find. SN # 57722

    Looks to be 1968. All the Aluminium Trim is in perfect condition. Newer bridle. Compounding tomorrow and wax
  10. Dsoc

    My Saturday Find. SN # 57722

    I was lucky enough to get this Sunfish today. Free. I traveled 1 hr 20 min for the hull. Garage stores for over 10 years. Apprear to be in good condition. News a few fixes. BONUS ! When I got there he showed me to the mast and Booms.There is an Intact functioning Depersia Bailer.
  11. Dsoc

    Rudder Upgrade

    Great Job! I know the hours spent. Enjoy the breeze and Spray!
  12. Dsoc

    Alcort Catfish

    IN PA
  13. Dsoc

    Chine reinforcing

    I have sanded my 1965 Sunfish hull and ground the bad spots on both chines. Everything looks good I took a look inside and it is dry. I would like to reinforce both of these areas after the initial repairs are completed. This is at the widest spot on both sides. My plan is to gelcoat the top and...
  14. Dsoc

    Small Boats Magazine Review for the Sunfish

    The variety of pricing. Everyone can find a Sunfish to fit their own budget. Free projects to Current Racing models
  15. Dsoc

    Wood Sailfish on Ebay

    I don't think that is homemade. I think the mast step has been fortified. Deck rails look to be correct. The lines are clean.
  16. Dsoc

    NEW YORK Wood Sailfish on Ebay

    A wood Sailfish for sale on Ebay. Looks to be complete and in good condition...
  17. Dsoc

    Minifish sail and mast

    Hi! Do you still have the Mast, Booms, and Sail available?
  18. Dsoc

    Drying out a Sunfish.

    65 Sunfish, 66 DS1 #16021 class # 2868. I am luchy enough to have purchased some original Watercolr painting and memorabilia of Daysailers.
  19. Dsoc

    Drying out a Sunfish.

    I am seriously going to try. I need to make a Plenum and seal it to the dehumidifier. Run a duct to the Sunfish, and seal it over an access port. I am thinking of a closed system in order to not pull moisture from my wonderful Maryland summer outside humidity. (makes for fun glassing also)
  20. Dsoc

    Drying out a Sunfish.

    Just a thought? Has anyone tried using a room dehumidifier to such the moisture out of the hull? I am contemplating options. Thank You!