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    I recently posted a picture of my '88 boat and someone asked me to post pics of some of my improvements . I already wrote elsewhere that I incorporated many of the suggestions that were contributed by other folks: Boom Kicker, engine mount, ladder hatch cover, centerboard lift, etc. Some of...
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    Mast Float Mount

    It was a long cold winter here in the North East so I had all winter to read all the historical posts on preparing my (new to me) 1988 Capri for the 2010 sailing season. Thanks to all who previously posted their improvements and recommendations, as I utilized all of them. Of particualr interest...
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    Capri 14.2 hull decal

    In making an attempt to completely re-polish my 1988 Mod 1 hull, I scrapped off my old hull registration numbers and the two "Capri 14.2" decal. I thought I could just easily order a new set of decals from Catalina for the now newly polished hull. Low and behold the Catalina customer...
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    I recently started sailing and decided to move up in size what what I had to a Capri 14.2. After searching for some time I found #1945 and bought it. I read many of the past threads that concerned turtling . I saw on Ebay a sail sleeve that contains floatation material that slips over the top...