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    Mast Horn Cleat

    I see that many newer Sunfish have a horn cleat on the starboard side of the mast. My older rig does not have one. Is that something I need to add?? If so, what is the best way for me to attach it to the mast? Aluminum Pop Rivets? Screws?
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    Bow Handle Removal

    My recently acquired free ?? Sunfish has the typical bow handle ... ugly and corroded. I have a replacement, but the SS screws removal is giving me a problem. Galvanic action with the or screw or ?? is keeping them solidly in place. The phillip heads are not 'boogered' yet but soon will be...
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    Solo Moving Trailer to Dolly

    I solo sail in fresh and salt water and as a new Sunfish sailor I am looking for ways to move the fish from my kayak road trailer to a dolly. I am presently using a Roll-a-Boat Tote which works well for what it is intended to do, but not so well for launching or retrieval from concrete or...
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    Paid Me To Take The Boat !

    I have been searching for a Sunfish off and on for several months. My reluctance in buying one is where I can sail it. Living in the Charleston, SC area, we have lots of water, however it seems to be suited more for power boats, kayaks and sailboats with an auxiliary power source capable of...