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    Right-On Trailer and Dynamic Dolly

    I sold it a few weeks ago. Sorry about that.
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    What screws to use for attaching inspection port?

    It seems a lot of places on the internet (they must be correct, if it is on the internet) say to use 5200 as the adhesive and sealant. Let it set up and then add #8 stainless machine screws that are 1/2 inch long. The screws are there mainly to keep the port from twisting when tightening and...
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    Travel Covers

    Took a look and they look really well put together - obviously a lot of experience as they carry covers for a bunch of boats. Prices are reasonable, too. Placed an order this AM. Thanks for the assist!
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    Travel Covers

    Any suggestions on hull and deck covers for travelling? In the multihull world we had "yard covers" and "travel covers". Yard covers were heavy duty Sunbrella-type fabric used when the boat was stationary and kept debris and grime from building up. The travel covers were tight fitting, stretchy...
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    Zhik powerpads - best wetsuit bottom combo?

    Just in general, how much help do you get from hiking pants? I sail in warmer climates and have been reluctant to add the layers, tbh. Just curious.
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    NORTH CAROLINA Right-On Trailer and Dynamic Dolly

    $1,200 Red Right-On Trailer and Dynamic Launching Dolly. No rust, in good shape. - Right-On Trailer with spare tire - Dynamic launching dolly $800 1973 Laser for sell, too. Not included in price for trailer and dolly. Includes: - 1973 hull, tan deck over dark blue hulls - in good shape...
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    Laser XD 211605 Laser Performance built; ILCA

    Did you happen to sell it this week? Still interested.
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    Laser XD 211605 Laser Performance built; ILCA

    @Long927 have you sold this boat?