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    True - It is all about the class, fleets and people. Just wish LP didn't build the new ones!
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    Zhik Hiking Strap $50.

    I will take it.
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    Dolly Wheels

    I can do PayPal
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    KENTUCKY Dolly Wheels

    Cleaning out boat room before next season. Selling two Seitech Dolly Wheels. 2020. $100, shipped in the US.
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    KENTUCKY Dolly Wheels

    Cleaning out and organizing boat room before next season. Two dolly wheels for sale. From 2020 Seitech Dolly. $100 Shipped US.
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    KENTUCKY Laser Euro Style Dolly - $175

    Selling Galvanized Euro style Laser dolly. Cannot ship. In Louisville KY, asking $200.
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    New Race Sail Availability?

    LP does not understand the markets they support or simple economics of supply and demand.
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    looking for used Laser in race condition

    We are thinking of selling our boat. Its #166118. In very good condition for its age. Always dry. Waxed and stored inside during the winter. Past multi year club champion. We have a full rig, radial rig bottom, and carbon top section. So two top sections. Two radial sails, one is new...
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    KENTUCKY Euro Laser Dolly

    Selling Galvanized Euro style Laser dolly. In Louisville KY, asking $250.
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    Brand New 2021 Sunfish. Questions

    Depending upon how you launch, a good dolly (Dynamic is the best solution), cover, board bag, and possibly a sail spar bag. Like others said, a good life jacket. A good sailing one, that is slim for getting under the boom. Possibly a spar mounted wind indicator. Tell tales for the sail...
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    Considering the purchase of a 1992 Sunfish

    Pearson moved into Laser and Sunfish building as the sailboat industry started to decline. These boats were built as Pearson was struggling and eventually closed. I have had six Lasers and and one was a Pearson built boat. Bought the Pearson boat new. It leaked, from day one and was never...
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    LP making a "new" Sunfish sail

    Agree. At some point, I would think LP will fold and then who acquires the Sunfish brand? Without the ICLA (Laser), poor quality and limited supply of what they do build, I can't see how they can live on that model.
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    LP making a "new" Sunfish sail

    LP just needs to fold, so the class can move on with a new builder. My first 2020 boat was garbage and the warranty replacement has been worse.
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    Spectrum Gel Coat Paste for Gel Coat chips

    Sea Hawk brand Ice Blue is fairly close to the LP boat I had. LP was zero help with gel coat. I had to fix several defects, typical of every LP product I have owned!
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds

    I had a Worlds boat that had deck gel cracking around the mast step. LP warrantied the boat with another LP new (never used none worlds boat). At the 2020 Masters NA's, the deck cracked on the replacement boat. It Cracked where the deck over hangs the inner footwell tub edge. I could flex...
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds boat: deck failure

    Cracks on both boats are in the front of the step on the deck. Thinking now the deck is in tension, like the mast tube is placing upward stress on the deck. Mast tube is molded with the deck, and when the deck and hull are bonded together the tolerance is too tight, or removal of foam has...
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    Hi, I have contact info for LP. or 502-291-6328. I also had someone from...

    Hi, I have contact info for LP. or 502-291-6328. I also had someone from the class contact LP.
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds boat: deck failure

    My boat was packed well and arrived without cracking. It arrived in early winter, I waxed it, then it immediately went into storage. Cracks were noticed before I sailed it this spring. They developed as the boat aged. I believe its a gel coat curing issue, or build process change issue. My...
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds boat: deck failure

    Wow, those look exactly like my pictures. I had to stay on Laser Performance. The dealer (The Dinghy Shop), was great to work with, as they were sort of stuck in the middle. Good luck. The first boat, had a 2020 HIN. It was replaced with a 2019 HIN, although still brand new. After one...
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds boat: deck failure

    Sounds like they are cutting the boat open to understand failure reason.