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  1. Gail

    Please come to Michigan Open Sunfish Championship

    Gull Lake Sunfish Fleet #704 invites you to the Fifth Annual Michigan Open Championship to be held on Gull Lake, Richland, Michigan, June 4-5, 2016. See our Notice of Race on the internet ( for complete details. Note...
  2. Gail

    Youth Coordinator needed

    We must have someone out there with a passion for the Sunfish and for Youth sailors that is ready to step forward and guide the development of Youth sailing for the Sunfish Class. Would wear the dual hats of International and US, and be involved with causing the Youth World Championship to...
  3. Gail

    New Sunfish Class web site Launched

    Hooray! The revamped and updated Sunfish Class web site is live ... Congratulations, team!
  4. Gail

    Sunfish T-Shirts for sale

    We have some 2012 Gull Lake Midwest Regional T-shirts to sell. 100% cotton, upper left chest has imprint of: 2012 Sunfish Midwest Regional with outline of Gull Lake and Sunfish in middle over Gull Lake, Michigan T-shirt color is Sand (not white for a change) Quality t-shirts, everybody loved...
  5. Gail

    Wayne Carney sails off to final reward

    Thanks to Keith Judson, co-moderator of the Yahoo!Group Sunfish_Sailor for sharing the following: Wayne Carney (October 5, 1951 – October 9, 2010) It is with great sadness that I pass along the news that Wayne Carney passed away on October 9th, 2010, at the age of 59. Wayne had been ill...
  6. Gail

    2010 Junior NAs launch the future of the Class!

    While our Youth Worlds concluded just last weekend, the cascade of new to majors at this year's Junior and Midget North American Championship is breathtaking! Not just Americans, but a multinational regatta. Juniors everywhere, start going to regattas! Very soon application by resume for...
  7. Gail

    2010 Midwinters

    Nothing on the web page, nothing on the yacht club web page, nothing on the forum. Any reports? Sounds like it's windy and maybe rainy down there. Hopefully you raced?
  8. Gail

    2010 Team Race

    Lots of sports fans looking for scores. Help!
  9. Gail

    West Region Comes Alive!

    Hey Sunfish Fans! The West Region has a new Region Representative and he's going gangbusters. Visit the Region web page: The West Region Championship is coming up quickly (all ISCA members are eligible to sail in it, you don't have to live in...
  10. Gail

    Sunfish Midwest web page updated!

    Sunfish Midwest web page has been updated. It includes the 2010 Region calendar as it stands today.
  11. Gail

    2009 USSCA Election Results

    2009 USSCA Election Results Secretary Gail Turluck Advisory Council Representative nominees Thomas Whitehurst Christopher Williams Master Events Coordinator Frederick Hanselman Womens Events Coordinator Gail Heausler Nominations Coordinator Tom L. Katterheinrich...
  12. Gail

    2009-2010 ISCA Handbook

    The new edition of the Class Handbook is being compiled. If you would like information on placing an advertisement, contact the editor, Gail Turluck, at turluck -at- comcast -dot- net .
  13. Gail

    Houston and Ike

    We here in the Kalamazoo, MI area are dealing with flooding like I've never seen (9-12" inches of rain in 3 days [Pacific's Lowell plus Gulf's Ike], plus 3-5" more last weekend [Gulf's Gustav]), but it pales in comparison to the devastation our Sunfish compadres in Houston and Galveston are...
  14. Gail

    Midwest Regional II @ Devils Lake

    Sorry no scores. A couple adjustments needed to be made after the scorer left. Today we "enjoyed" the affects of Pacific Tropical rainstorm Lowell. Torrential rain from sailor arrival until 2:00 pm. The first race started about 2:35 after a postponement. Light air out of the south today...
  15. Gail

    2008 Sunfish Junior International Championship

    The 1st Sunfish Junior International Championship is being hosted by the Lake Bluff Yacht Club, Lake Bluff, IL, on Lake Michigan. Twelve competitors are participating and they represent seven countries. Friday was a mostly cloudy day with temperatures in the lower 70's. Race 1 racers were...
  16. Gail

    2008 USSCA Election

    A gentle reminder, racing fans! The USSCA Election is open. The ballot is available on the web home page and also in the most recent Windward Leg. If you're going to mail it, it must be postmarked by Monday, July 7. If you're going to email it, it must be e-mail tagged by Wednesday...
  17. Gail

    Clark Lake YC Invitational/Tim Dowling Memorial

    Tim Dowling Memorial Regatta Clark Lake Yacht Club, Clarklake, MI September 22-23, 2007 8 boats 1 Matt Heywood 4 4 3 1 1 13 Ann Arbor, MI 2 Tom Katterheinrich 3 1 1 2 8 15 New Knoxville, OH 3 Rob Stephenson 1 2 4 5 6 18 Ann Arbor, MI 4 Gail...
  18. Gail

    2007 Womens North Americans

    Congratulations to Anne Edwards, of Baton Rouge, LA, on her second time winning the Womens! It was a tie going into the last race, the lead changed MANY times, and in the end she pulled it out! The top 6 were all past Womens Champions. Great fleet, 26 boats, TREMENDOUS job by the host...
  19. Gail

    Midwest Regional II-Lake Bluff

    Four races today, VERY light wind out of the east. Cloudy, cool (a relief!), a little drizzle at the end of the day. ;) Rich Chapman in the lead, Matt Fisher, 2nd, Shapoor Guzder is 3rd. A couple fleets had 8 boats overlapped at the finish line. Good, competitive racing. Four more...
  20. Gail

    Lake Charlevoix Regatta Cancelled!

    The Lake Charlevoix Sunfish Regatta scheduled for August 12th is canceled for this year. Please look for it to return next year around the same time. Best regards, Tom Barnes