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    Polyurethane on Sunfish tillers and rudders?

    Why not make some kind of cover so they aren't in the sun all the time?
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    APS is out of the sailboat parts business. Now clothing only. I would suggest the Intensity Sails Anti Turtle Mast Float. I use them in our junior program (C420's) and I think it's almost impossible to turtle with one. It's light (the worst place possible for weight on a boat is at the top of...
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    Laser II restoration

    Also with the metal bailer be very careful if capsized. They are very sharp, don't ask me why I know.
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    Laser II restoration

    Looking at your pictures it doesn't look like the bailer will function as it is, even when open. It doesn't look like it will be lower than the hull. The bailer needs to be in the flow of water to suck the water out.
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    Mystery $100 Sailboat! Can you help ID it?

    Looks like an Albacore
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    Old Laser Hull 823

    Looks great, however a vang is always a good idea in a laser to provide proper mast bend to match the luff curve.
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    Laser Road Base UK

    What's a road base?
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    Mooring a Laser 2

    A light boat like a Laser 2 can be a problem at a mooring. Shifty, puffy winds in a squall can catch the boat from the side and capsize it.. It would probably be worse moored from the mast rather than the bow.
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    Enough Of A Mast Float?

    Check out the anti turtle inflatable float on Intensity. On our junior c420's it is almost impossible to turtle. Without they would turtle almost every time. Light, and can be used only when needed.
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    Top section leaking

    Remember, when the boat is on its side, capsized, all the water in the mast will be at the top. Try lifting 1/2 gallon water (4 lbs.) on the end of a 16 ft pole. All #'s are approximate, and apologies to our metric friends. This is in addition to the regular weight of the spar and wet sail...
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    New to Lasers (but not to sailing), looking for some tips & advice

    Any chance your upper mast section leaks and fills with water?
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    Laser full rig mark 2 sail needed

    Unless you are racing in sanctioned Laser Class races why not try an Intensity MK2 sail? Now on sale for $149 plus shipping. Comes with the new type battens. I have one and it's great. Our local fleet actually encourages their use to keep costs down and put everyone on an equal footing.
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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    The Capri is designed so that the only purpose of the forestay is to hold the mast up when the jib is down. Rig tension is controlled by the jib halyard, just like FJ's and 420's.
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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    Study the North tuning guide. It might not be exactly correct for your sails, but it will put you in the ball park.
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    Alternative Mast Flotation device question

    Check out the Intensity Sails anti turtle mast float for the c420. I use them for our junior class in c420s and it is almost impossible to turtle when used. No modifications are needed and it is pretty light.
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    New 2017 Performance Laser with new aluminum trailer

    That "galvanized" trailer looks like aluminum to me.
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    Intensity Sails recommends taping the ends of the battens on their MK 2 practice sail. Not sure how the taping should be done.
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    Draft stripes

    Because if you are OCS in a pack of boats it's easy to pick out the one with draft stripes. For that reason in many competitive classes ( I also sail a Thistle) most boats are white so they don't stand out on the starting line.
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    Draft stripes

    Not a real good idea on the starting line.
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    Best way to take sheet and tiller extension with you when tacking

    Yep, I teach sailing/racing at a small club that should remain nameless, half of my students (victims) have learned to face backwards and steer frying pan from there parents. It's hard to break to habit, but it's the only way to sail most classes.