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    Slightly Used Sails for sale, Top 5 finish at worlds and a practice set Quantum sails

    Hey everyone, I am selling my inventory out from the end of the summer. I have 2 mainsails, 2 spinnakers, one Genoa Everything must go Mainsail from worlds, 30% off retail Mainsail for practice, 40% off retail Genoa for Practice with about 15 days on it. 40% off of retail Spinnakers can...
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    2 - 5 day old sails at great price Quantums new design, new windows!

    New sails, very fast, and last longer! Each sail has either been used only 2 days or at the most 6 days. Very well taken care of. Contact Me at 585-943-8652 or email me at traviso.sailing for pricing. If your looking for racing sails these are it!