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    Serial Number

    The hull number is the last 4 digits of the VIN . Mine is molded into the upper right hand corner of the outside of the transom, as well stamped into the metal Catalina ID plate which is screwed onto the inside of the transom, and inscribed into the fiberglass with a vibrating pencil on the...
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    Deck cleats...

    deck cleats I tried to attach a pic of my rear cleats installation to my original reply on the deck cleats but it won't take it as the pic already appears in another thread called "hiking strap replacements". In my brief experience sailing the boat this season with the cleats mounted outboard...
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    Deck cleats...

    cleats I was going to mount a folding or retractable cleat on the front deck , but haven't gotten around to it yet. I did mount 6 inch white plastic cleats to the outside of the rear corners for the dock lines. They haven't snagged any lines yet so I guess you can say they are working OK.
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    C-14 decal Hi, I believe that you helped me with my ladder and engine mount suggestions. I was trying to come up with a new boat name decal before I launched my (new to me) 1988 Mod 1 , so I was searching around the web for decal manufacturers when I located this company (
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    I recently posted a picture of my '88 boat and someone asked me to post pics of some of my improvements . I already wrote elsewhere that I incorporated many of the suggestions that were contributed by other folks: Boom Kicker, engine mount, ladder hatch cover, centerboard lift, etc. Some of...
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    Trailer: What Make/Model do you use

    trailer Yes, the fenders are 1/8 steel plate material, and the way they are mounted you can definitely stand on them. I am 200 pounds, and they don't deflect at all. This trailer is at least 20 years old, built out of solid steel, the old fashion way! Someone had already replaced the tires on...
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    Hiking strap replacements

    hiking straps I just replaced all 3 straps. The part for the hiking straps is #15166-$111.51 you have the option of red or blue. This also included the three wooden dowels that help to make the straps somewhat adjustable. THere is a stainless 90 degree angle plate on the inside of the...
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    Trailer: What Make/Model do you use

    trailer choice This is only my opinion, but I find most of the small boat trailers that I see to be somewhat innadequate (or rather , minimally adequate ) for real towing purposes. Most of what I see is a are very lightweight, flimsy single steel "C" channel or square tube framed trailer...
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    Wanted: Capri 14.2 mast.

    Capri masts on Ebay there was a company advertising a mast all winter. I think it was a dealer in NH. There is a company here in CT that manufactures masts. They have many styles avail. See link :
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    Preflight Check list

    trailer lights Boat trailers are usually equipped with waterproof lights , not the normal utility trailer lights. Boat trailer lights are usually hollow on the bottom, but form an airtight bubble in the light housing when submerged (like an upside down cup) thus preventing the hot bulbs from...
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    hiking stick retainer go to any Home Depot, Lowes, or hardware store. They sell metal or plastic C shaped retaining clips to hold brooms and mops to walls. You would probably have to screw it to the wood tiller handle with a small screw to be effective . Any marine store would sell the boating...
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    Mast Float Mount

    It was a long cold winter here in the North East so I had all winter to read all the historical posts on preparing my (new to me) 1988 Capri for the 2010 sailing season. Thanks to all who previously posted their improvements and recommendations, as I utilized all of them. Of particualr interest...
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    New to me 1983 14.2--questions!

    Hatch I tried some of the big stores in the NYC area but couldn't locate a large enough piece of material based from a cutting board. I remembered a marine plastics store in Norwalk CT that sold the material (its called Starboard), and they cut me a piece of 1/2" thick for about $12. See...
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    Best Cover?

    boat cover You don't have to use the mast itself. On my 23' power boat I use 10- ft sections of inexpensive 1 inch EMT tubing from Home Depot. They are coupled together to make a single 30 ft long single beam. I use 2 x4's as uprights ( A frames ) about - 5 ft under the EMT to keep it...
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    For Sale: Baby Bob Brackets

    bably bob brackets any brackets left for sale?
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    Best Cover?

    cover you are gloing to spend a lot of money for a Sunbrella cover. I live in southern NY and cover mine with a 16 X 20 plastic cover that I got from Harbor Freight Tools. It is silver, easily twice the weight of the blue plastic cover. I use the boom as the center beam, and I made a mast...
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    Spacing Sail Slugs/Shackles

    sail slugs I found it: from a July 2005 posting from VOMEGA: I've also installed slugs and slides on the mainsail on 19" spacing. I used the shackles from Sail Brite that don't require grommets. The shackle hank snugs up against the bolt rope, which nicely distributes the stress. Avoiding...
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    Spacing Sail Slugs/Shackles

    sail slugs I stumbled upon an old posting 2 days that recommended adding the sail slugs and a sail stop to ease the raising and storage of the sail on the boom. Now that I am looking for it I can not locate again. It recommended the 3 parts to order from Sailrite, which I did, 2 days ago. I...
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    Capri 14.2 hull decal

    In making an attempt to completely re-polish my 1988 Mod 1 hull, I scrapped off my old hull registration numbers and the two "Capri 14.2" decal. I thought I could just easily order a new set of decals from Catalina for the now newly polished hull. Low and behold the Catalina customer...
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    Cubby Upgrade

    Hey, looks good. I might copy your design for the floorboards . When I got my Capri Mod 1 someone had already painted the floors and walls white. It really brightened things up. I didn't get a door on mine so I bought a piece of "Starboard" from a local plastics place for $12 and cut out a stiff...