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  1. rolan

    Removing sail clips?

    Needle nose pliers and a flat screwdriver.
  2. rolan

    Mast bottom cap fastener pin diameter?

    The info in your message signature tipped me off to the solution! Pulled out my box of pop rivets and found the 1/8" mandrel to fit perfectly. This is actually a mast to a Minifish.
  3. rolan

    Mast bottom cap fastener pin diameter?

    I 3D printed a replacement bottom cap for the Sunfish mast however, the fasteners are missing. Tried measuring with a few drill bits and don't have the exact size. The hole seems to be near 0.07" (1.75mm). Is there a standard diameter for the fastener pin? I'll probably try with galvanized...
  4. rolan

    Help identify this 1978 craft. Minifish or Flite 12?

    Agree with the above. It looks like a modified Minfish. I have two of them. You can compare the photos.
  5. rolan

    Restoring Metal DePersia Bailer with Plastic Bailer Parts

    I just picked up a '74 Minifish last week with a seized bailer. Rather than modifying the boat to fit a plastic bailer, I was pondering the idea of 3D printing a replacement. I figure it wouldn't be anywhere as durable as the aluminum one, but with 3D printed plastic parts being so cheap it...
  6. rolan

    Minifish logo?

    I just bought a replacement sail and now I'm looking for the same thing. Did you end up tracing and where did you get your decal made?