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  1. Pippins

    Sunfish Mast Cleat (one more time)

    I have seen a few posts here on mast cleats and wanted share my thoughts and how I do mine. Materials: Aluminum or Nylon cleat, long grip aluminum rivets, spare sunfish mast or 2.25" tube, one tube slightly smaller in diameter 1.5" or so, and self adhesive sand paper. I like to use the 4 inch...
  2. Pippins

    Painting a Sunfish (using an automotive epoxy and urethane)

    After many years of active racing and multiple gelcoat touchups including a fiberglass repair of the bow and the port chine I decided it was time to refinish my 1991 Pearson built sunfish (I know, not a great year but I've won many races on this boat and what can I say, it works). Putting...