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    Cut lower Mast to make a radial mast----

    The Radial lower mast is not a cut-down Standard lower. They're different sections, and the Radial is considerably softer. I wouldn't expect a Radial sail to set well on a shortened Standard mast, and you may very well end up with the old "M" rig problem: the mast being so stiff that it...
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    Another Class Legality Question (compass)

    The current class rules (in force since 1 January 2021) say "Non-recording magnetic analog or digital compasses or stopwatches may be mounted on the deck..." but also "NOT FOR USE ... Electronic navigation devices". So it depends on which Tacktick model we're talking about. The Melges 24...
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    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    To tell the truth, I don't think any of the current ones online (that I know of) are very good. They include irrelevant measurements and/or apply to present-day mast sections only, and aren't compatible with one another. Their English language can be pretty interesting, too :D My own quick...
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    Type of Shackle for Laser 2 forestay

    You don't need a shackle at all there. Just use the length of thin line (4 mm Marlow Prestrech is the classic choice) that you should have there anyway extending down from the wire part of the forestay, and tie it to the bow fitting. If you absolutely want to additionally have a shackle there...
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    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    You mean the jib halyard is loose in that picture? Oh my, that makes it even more out of tune :confused: The boom should be roughly horizontal with everything set up for light-to-medium conditions. Anyway, you've got the basic idea right, though I think it's better to think about shroud...
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    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    With "the deck filled with water" I take you mean the cockpit filled with water :rolleyes: The classic point of leakage in 470s of all vintages is the centreboard pivot bolt. Simply tightening it may be enough, but you should also have fresh rubber washers (neoprene is fine) there. The...
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    SOLD 1980 Canadian-Built Laser; Full rig & dolly

    Good that you included the picture of the transom code! "ZFS90305M80I" means that the boat is number 90305, and was built by Performance Sailcraft in Montreal, in April, 1980. But it certainly looks nice enough to be mistaken for a newer one. _
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    Laser 2 Traveller Adjustment?

    You want to adjust the traveller to keep the mainsheet blocks as close as possible to one another, in order to get the boom as close as possible to the centreline. You want to sail with different mast rakes in different conditions, which changes boom height, which in turn changes optimal...
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    mast well damage

    Repairing the mast step by reaching in from above doesn't really work unless the damaged area is very close (within 10 cm or so) to the deck. Anywhere deeper requires in practice installing an inspection port on the deck next to the mast, and applying fibreglass to the "outer" (convex) surface...
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    Old 470; building year?

    Ok. Did you get a measurement certificate with the boat? If not, that means that your boat isn't class legal (as its identity can't be ascertained), but I assume you didn't buy it for racing anyway. By the way, your forestay is much too short! When the jib is up, it should be slack and the jib...
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    Laser2 Fun rake

    If I remember it right, the rake on a class-legal rig Laser 2 (no Fun :D ) should be in the 625 - 635 cm range, measured with the main halyard in sailing position, to where the tape measure just touches the gunwale above the rudder. The same way as it's done in the 470 and 420, for example...
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    Old 470; building year?

    Took a look at the international class association website, and was happy to see that they had updated the championship results archive quite a bit! As the top sailors usually (especially back in the day) sailed with the newest boats, it was easy to do some sail number chronology... British...
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    Sunfish with Laser sail

    No vang in sight (you really do need one!). It's a JC strap that goes to the bow handle. The mast and the boom come from some unknown boat(s). The boom is obviously extended, for some sail that has a longer foot than the Laser sail. Lots of strange details. What are the leads and cleats near...
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    Old 470; building year?

    Alright! Squareish tiller port + the "bump" on top of the centreboard case = 1979 to '82. The sail number doesn't help much, as I don't remember those for the GBR boats right now :oops: I think some top team used K 653 in the mid-80s, so if that's true, then it points more toward '82 for your...
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    Rigging, What is it? Newbie

    Looks like a babystay adjustment system. Pulling the car forward prebends the mast. _
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    Old 470; building year?

    I'm guessing early 1980s for this one, too. If you want to know more, please post pictures of 1) the IYRU plaque, 2) the transom, and 3) the aft half of the centreboard case. Parker changed the design of those areas several times between 1978 and '86, so seeing them should help pinpoint the...
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    Mid 70s 470

    You don't need one; just tie the tack to the mast with a length of thin line. I haven't looked at this specifically, but I believe it's how it's done on all top boats today. _
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    Please advise!

    Sunfish Direct is a dealer for products from LaserPerformance, the builder and rights holder of Sunfish, but they're not otherwise connected. Their 239-dollar sails aren't class-legal (those cost at least 380), but they're probably fairly close copies, and as such vastly superior to your...
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    How do I know if I am close hualed and how do I know how much to pull in my sail?

    Keep the traveller always tight so that the traveller block goes as far outboard as possible. Sheet the boom down so that the traveller block and the aft sheet block on the boom are never more than about 25 cm apart (this may go down to zero depending on the conditions and the sail you're...
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    Is Laser Rigging the same for all?

    Ok, the next place to check is under the bow eye. You may have to unscrew it to read the whole number. If it's there, that means your boat was built in Europe - England, Ireland or Switzerland. Expecting a high five-digit or low six-digit number. _