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    KENTUCKY Dolly Wheels

    Cleaning out boat room before next season. Selling two Seitech Dolly Wheels. 2020. $100, shipped in the US.
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    KENTUCKY Dolly Wheels

    Cleaning out and organizing boat room before next season. Two dolly wheels for sale. From 2020 Seitech Dolly. $100 Shipped US.
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    KENTUCKY Laser Euro Style Dolly - $175

    Selling Galvanized Euro style Laser dolly. Cannot ship. In Louisville KY, asking $200.
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    KENTUCKY Euro Laser Dolly

    Selling Galvanized Euro style Laser dolly. In Louisville KY, asking $250.
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    2019 Sunfish Worlds boat: deck failure

    I purchased a 2020 event boat, and had it shipped. Boat arrived in great shape except for a gauge in the bottom from the mast. I fixed this myself and went on. The boat arrived in the winter and was washed, waxed and put in storage. I pulled the boat out this week, and the deck around the...
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    KENTUCKY Gill Drysuit men’s large

    Large Gill Men’s drysuit. Like new, purchased in 2019. Used three times. Includes Polar Fleece undergarment. New condition. Asking $400 shipped in NA.
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    MKII sail in light air

    In light inland lake conditions, the MK1 sail and knock off sails appear significantly faster. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on the MKII for really light air? I have been sailing it since they became available. Recently switching back and forty with the old version, and finding...
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    KENTUCKY Silva compass and deck plate for sale

    Selling Silva Tactical Compass and Laser deckplate. Asking $75.00 shipped in US.
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    Late model excellent cond Laser; midwest

    Looking for fresh water Laser in Midwest (KY, IN, OH, IL, TN). Excellent condition hull and spars, dolly and covers are a plus.