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    Another Class Legality Question (compass)

    These rules are the same in many small one designs like the Flying Scot and Thistle Class. I use the Micro shown above in the Flying Scot.
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    Designing a sail

    Interesting thread. Is the a correlation between the sailors who buy the racing sail and the white daggerboard and also happen to be better sailors, and being able to sail upwind faster? Hmmm. Tiller time might outweigh time on the sewing machine!
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    Drain plugs?

    Thank you
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    Drain plugs?

    Thanks, that’s awesome. Do you use the 1” or the 3/4”?
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    Drain plugs?

    I mean the drain plug on the deck, not the bailer.
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    Drain plugs?

    Drain plug, on the deck. Not the bailer.
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    Drain plugs?

    It seems nobody has the metal drain plugs for the early boats available in the US. What gives?
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    Rudder, Tiller, Daggerboard

    Here are the pics of rudder, with tiller and daggerboard. Phil
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    Rudder, Tiller, Daggerboard

    I have a rudder, and tiller, in the pre-1972 style, that I could sell. I also have the daggerboard, same year. Mahogany construction, could use a little sanding and a nice coat of varnish, but very functional if you have the old rudder style on your boat and are missing these parts. $140...
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    Rudder, Dagger and Rig needed for 1974 Sunfish

    Still looking for a nice rig, if you have one around for a free or fair price. Can pick up. I could also use about 4 of the aluminum trim edge strips if anyone has them (5 feet long, I think). I found a daggerboard and rudder. Phil
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    Rudder, Dagger and Rig needed for 1974 Sunfish

    I think I have a rudder and daggerboard on the way to me that will work. I could still use a mast, gooseneck, the boom upper and lower and a sail. Thanks, Phil
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    Rudder, Dagger and Rig needed for 1974 Sunfish

    Just came across a sunfish hull without the parts. Looking to get a rig, preferably from a fresh water area, and a decent rudder and daggerboard. I live in PA, so if you have stuff lying around, I can drive and pick up. Please email available parts and pics, if you have them. Mast...
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    Looking for a decent Laser under $1000

    Do you have a decent Laser that needs a loving home? Our Flying Scot and Sunfish need another boat around. I am looking for a Full Rig laser in decent shape to race in club racing. Would prefer a decent sail, but can upgrade if needed. Old, but stiff, is fine with me. Phil
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    Looking for used race daggerboard

    I am looking for on of the modern white race daggerboards, new or used. It can be in need of minor repair. If you have an extra, please send me email at Phil
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    2003 Sunfish !!

    Have you sold this boat?
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    Looking for Sunfish in Eastern PA/NJ

    I am looking a a decent used sunfish, preferably complete with spars, rudder, daggerboard, sail, and if it has a trailer, that's a bonus. 610-751-5311