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    Sail Repair Pics

    I think my hands would have cramped up after 5 of these and it looks like you have at least 20 not counting the other side of the sail.
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    Sail Repair Pics

    Much better than the round patches I have used. But I agree, need to find a laser cutter as it is tough enough cutting a full size logo with scissors.
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    New style sunfish rudder and tiller

    I have a used rudder assembly that needs some work and a tiller extension or I can swap out tillers with one that has a wood tiller extension. This one is $150 as is. I have new rudder assemblies that come all assembled except tiller detached) that is a varnished mahogany blade, new class legal...
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    New style sunfish rudder and tiller

    I have many choices available from used to new. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Full laser 1 rudder, new england area

    i have rudder blades inexpensive and a new class legal rudder head available. No tiller. I laso have carbon fiber tiller extensions, 39" long ready to install. cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Dollies: Jotag versus Dynamic ...

    Expanding foam in a tire is okay for walking speed tires. Do not use in road tires though. There are several videos with people that have tried that in car tires with disastrous results. I think even at walking speed the foam could break down over time. Expanding foam is not meant to carry...
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    Changing Rudder Pivot Point

    I'm slightly confused going back to the original question of the new rule for rudders. Here is the voted rule 3.3.3 ... New Rule 3.3.3 The Sunfish rudder may be modified by drilling a new pivot point hole and attaching the tiller bolt where the original pivot point was so the angle between the...
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    Need help in a Sunfish Clone

    The story I have heard is that in the heyday of the Sunfish knockoffs were under pricing the Sunfish and AMF decided to try to compete with those prices by creating a two piece boat themselves. They used the Sunfish hull but made a one piece deck, the Sunfish deck being three pieces, deck, tub...
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    ORIGINAL Style Boom Vang

    Sent you an e-mail...
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    ISO Rudder

    My rudder head is still available and I also have some rudder blades now. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Rudder head needed

    I have used and new ones. Contact me privately or cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Stinger 16

    This boat looks very similar to the Galilee 15. Had same lifting keel and hull shape looks similar. Perhaps came from same mold but rebranded by a new builder. Sailboat data: - GALILEE 15 Sailboat Built by: Tiberias Marine
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    Super sunfish

    Super Sunfish has a sail area of 65 sq ft (less than the standard Sunfish) and the Force 5 has a sail area of 90 sq ft. F5 mast diameter is 2.50", SSF is 2.25" diameter. Set up was similar however SSF came with a halyard so you could drop the sail some, maybe half way before the sail bunched up...
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    Super Sunfish Sailboat

    I have an upper Mast and a boom.
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    Super Sunfish Sailboat

    Where are you located? I could help you rig the boat if you are near Rhode Island. I can see if I have any additional photos that I can send to you.
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    ISO Rudder

    Rudder head is brand new and class legal. Rudder blade came from factory closing in Portsmouth so was made at LP but is missing sticker. $160 for rudder head and $50 for blade. Here is a photo of rudder head. I'll get photos of blade later as it is in storage unit.
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    ISO Rudder

    Still looking? I have rudder blade and rudder head available.
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    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Sent you a private message about a boat available in RI.
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    Laser parts wanted

    The Laser hiking straps that I have are 34 inches long.
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    Ronstan Clear Start Watch

    Alan I have a brand new RF4030, never used still in box. Battery is dead but I will include a new battery, you just install. Is this the model you are looking for? cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.