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    Stay Adjuster Position

    I took my Capri 14.2 out for my first sail last weekend. When I hoisted the mainsail I noticed the boom did not rest at a 90 degree angle from the mast. The boom angled down some from the mast. Most pictures I see of Capri 14.2's, the boom looks like it rests at a 90 degree angle from the...
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    Anyone know how far a mast can extend beyond the boat while towing in California?

    Looking for information about how far a mast is allowed to extend beyond the rear of boat while towing. Currently the boat extends beyond the trailer 20 inches and the mast extends beyond the boat another 4 ft.
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 Deck Repair

    See pictures of repair. The deck is foam core between fiberglass. One side of the deck I did an injection of thickened resin and the other side of deck I replaced the core. Time will tell which method works best. Both feel strong. Finished with non-skid paint.
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    Where do you launch your boat at Mission Bay San Diego?

    I will be taking my Catalina 14.2 to Mission Bay this summer and would like to know the best place to launch my boat. Searching the web it looks like Dana's Landing is the biggest launch area and possibly the only option. I'm thinking it might be a long wait to get in if it is full and if it...
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    How are the hiking straps attached?

    Not sure my mode 1 hiking straps are installed correctly. I would appreciate it if someone would take a picture of the attachment points. I will take a picture soon of mine and post it. Thanks :)
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 Deck Repair

    I will probably remove the skin and replace the wood. I think I will reinforce the bottom of the fiberglass from below deck before I remove the skin. The bottom fiberglass is flexing when you push down from the top. Thanks for your reply.
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 Deck Repair

    I have a Capri 14.2 with a soft deck that needs repair. I think it could be caused by physical damage and not water intrusion. Damage does not extend to the edge of boat or anywhere screws from mast or wood are. The soft spot is under the non-skid on the deck. I am guessing the deck is: top...