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  1. Geophizz

    Rats: Intensity vs. OEM sails?

    We have several sailors in our club using Intensity sails. They are cut very slightly flatter than LP sails, but not enough to make a difference. I have not met anyone yet who was dissatisfied with one. They also make cheap daggerboards that are great for shallow water, frostbiting,or any...
  2. Geophizz

    Is this really a Sunfish

    That's definitely a Marburg 14. I believe that they were made in Florida in the early to mid 1970's.
  3. Geophizz

    Places to get a Sunfish fixed

    Does anyone know of any reputable places to get a Sunfish repaired in Vermont?
  4. Geophizz

    Old "how-to" files at the Sunfish Class website

    Sorry, What I have is mostly hull repair. Nothing about installing a hiking strap. I agree with Signal Charlie, the Yahoo Sunfish Group has the most comprehensive set of files.
  5. Geophizz

    Old "how-to" files at the Sunfish Class website

    You're right, the class is working on the site and not everything is up in the same places that it used to be. The class concentrates more on racing than repair, and they pretty much leave the repairs to here and the Yahoo group. I printed out a bunch of the files a couple of years ago. I'll...
  6. Geophizz

    Old Seadog....New trick

    The beauty of the Sunfish is that every sailor can adjust the boat to their own tastes. Sail adjustment, especially for recreational sailing, is a matter of personal preference. Some people have the sails extremely high. The tradeoff is that the higher the sail, the more likely the boat is to...
  7. Geophizz

    Lets Talk Trailer Bunk Placement...

    Nice work Oldpaint! How did you get the back of the bunks to flex? I wanted to do that on mine, but could never figure out how to make it work right.
  8. Geophizz

    Lets Talk Trailer Bunk Placement...

    The bunks have to be under the chines as much as possible, because there's virtually no structural support at the flat sections of the hull. I would stay away from any type of bunk that goes across the boat, as I've seen boats nearly cracked in half like so many eggs from bouncing on crosswise...
  9. Geophizz

    Another twist in the UK tale

    The Rhode Island factory was humming when I was there 2 weeks ago. It looks like they are building lots of 420s. I also saw a good supply of Sunfish and Lasers.
  10. Geophizz

    sunfish trailer bunks

    There are a couple of schools of thought on this. One says that you should always trailer your Sunfish upside down to prevent damage to the hull. The other says that trailering right side up is fine so long as the stresses are carried on the sides of the hull and not on the bottom. I trailer...
  11. Geophizz

    Bridle attachment method

    The class rules say nothing about how the bridle is to be attached to the boat, but I'm guessing that someone may complain. What I did to replace the bridle is to loosen one screw and remove the other, so that the strap is still attached to the boat but has some leeway to move. That holds the...
  12. Geophizz

    Sunfish dollies

    I've got one of the Intensity ones. You guys make a great dolly.
  13. Geophizz

    Sunfish dollies

    It's exactly the same as the Intensity Dolly.
  14. Geophizz

    All about to kick off....

    The case sounds pretty cut and dried. Given Rastegar's performance with McLaren Baby Carriages, he'll just fold up LP and create some other new company and transfer all of LP's assets to that new company to avoid paying damages. My guess is that Zim is going to eat LP's U.S. lunch in the...
  15. Geophizz

    Seitech Parts // Delays obtaining?

    There are ongoing problems with getting Sunfish, Laser or Seitech parts. They are all owned by the same company and apparently are subject to the same parts shortages.
  16. Geophizz

    Going from Recreation to Racing

    If you are just going to be doing club racing, third party parts are fine, and nobody will complain. A lot of people that I race with are using parts from Intensity. Their sails are pretty good, and their dAggerboard is identicaal
  17. Geophizz

    Problems getting on Forum?

    I haven't tried in a few days. If you can see this, then it's working for me.
  18. Geophizz

    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    I've never had to heave to, because the boat has virtually no momentum. I think that if you simply go head to wind, the boat will stop pretty quickly. If you need to stop faster than that, from close hauled or head to wind, push the boom out over the "wrong" side. If you keep it up too long...
  19. Geophizz

    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Drink an entire fifth of vodka before going out on the Sunfish in choppy water. Then you will heave to starboard, heave to leeward and probably all over the deck.
  20. Geophizz

    Sunfish Class Council Meetings report from St. Pete Worlds

    Thanks for the report Chris. And congratulations to Rapid. I've had the privilege to sail with him a few times and he's really a great guy and a class act!