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  1. torrid

    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    Found this in a thread on SA. Wonder if the Laser class is next.
  2. torrid

    2017 Class Rule changes:

    Four rules covering electronic compasses, body/boat mounted cameras, inhaul rigging, and hiking strap rigging. Details here: 2017 ILCA Rule Changes Vote Vote here: Vote on ILCA 2017 Rule Changes: 10 April - 10 October 2017
  3. torrid

    Rick White

    Came across this on SA. Rick White passed away yesterday. Like generations of Laser sailors, I attended one of his sailing camps in the Florida Keys many years ago. He will be missed. Eight Bells: Rick White >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
  4. torrid

    New design Upper Mast

    Question about the proposed carbon top section. Would it be a replacement for the aluminum section across the board for all rigs - full, Radial, and 4.7?
  5. torrid

    I Don't Like Spam!

    It's one thing when we get the occasional well-meaning person looking for information on an actual laser (the non-sailing kind). However, the spambots really seem to be going full-tilt. As of late, it seems like two custom-kitchen spambots are using this forum to conduct a war against each...
  6. torrid

    Cunningham Rigging

    I am looking at updating my cunningham rig. Ideally, I would like to have my cunningham and outhaul on opposite sides of the mast so they don't interfere with each other. I could do this if the upper part of my cunningham were a hook with blocks attached which I could just attach to the...
  7. torrid

    Users Online

    Bradley, I had question about the forum. More curiosity than anything else. At any given time, there are about 100 users are online. Typically 4 or 5 are "members" with the remainder being "guests". Are there really that many people lurking around the forum? Or are they spam-bots and people...
  8. torrid

    Prescription Eyewear

    I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for prescription eyewear for out on the water. They would obviously need to block UV.
  9. torrid

    Sailing in Wrightsville Beach

    So, Chip & Arland, do we need to start providing our own shark repellent?
  10. torrid

    Texas Border Sailing

    Just curous, does anyone on here sail on Falcon Lake or Amistad? I thought I remember someone trying to get a regatta going there several years ago. With all the recent news, no way in hell would I sail there now.
  11. torrid

    LED Trailer Lights

    Has anybody done a refit on their trailer with LED lights? I try to routinely check and maintain my trailer electrical system. I still wind up having to mess with burned out or broken bulbs. This weekend I had to do it in the rain. I need to replace the whole assembly one side, and I...
  12. torrid

    Lasers in the Olympics - Good or Bad for the Class?

    This is a spill-over from the latest discussion on a new sail. Do you think having the Laser as an Olympic class has been a benefit or a burden for the class as a whole? I honestly cannot answer one way or another. It's a definite mixed bag in my book. I think one of the biggest issues...
  13. torrid


    I just can't take the heat any more. I drank a lot of water, but I still got cramps and charley horses. I'm pretty sure I was low on potassium. Does anyone do anything special to boost potassium before sailing in the heat? Eat a banana, or take some sort of supplement? I suppose Gatorade...
  14. torrid

    Thought from the World Cup

    So could a vuvu-whatever be used in place of an airhorn for running sailboat races? It seems to be loud enough.
  15. torrid

    Sailing in oil

    Just curious, has anyone on the Gulf Coast had the pleasure of sailing through BP oil yet? Or had to cancel plans because of it?
  16. torrid

    Forum idea

    I've noticed the For Sale section is a mixture of both boats and individual parts. Would it make sense to have two sections - one for parts and one for complete boats?
  17. torrid

    Trailer Vibration

    My Kitty Hawk has always had a tendancy to vibrate at highway speeds. I have found keeping the tire pressure low and driving no faster than 65 kept it under control. However, now it has gotten really bad. I've had the trailer ten years, and I bet I've put 35-40k miles on it. I last...
  18. torrid

    Utah sailing

    Great shot of the Park City fleet in this month's Sailing World. Y'all obviously have had good success in growing the fleet. Don't know why I can't post anything in this old thread:
  19. torrid

    Lake Lanier

    Just curious - with all the rain/flooding in Atlanta recently, is Lake Lanier anywhere near normal level?
  20. torrid

    Line question

    Is "dyneema" the same thing as "spectra"?