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  1. Tillerman

    Injection Molded Sunfish

    According to this statement from LaserPeformance it is their intention (bullet point 4) to start making Sunfish by an injection molding process by the end of the year. OneLaser Update Q1 2016 Can anyone explain to me what this means? Is this a major change from the current manufacturing...
  2. Tillerman

    Do the math

    This is the answer. What was the question?
  3. Tillerman

    Laser Performance United

    There were some intriguing announcements on the Laser Performance Sailiboats Facebook page this week. On Monday... And in answer to a comment on that post Laser Performance Sailboats said... Then on Thursday... On Friday.... nothing.
  4. Tillerman

    Tracy Usher Elected President ILCA

    Posted today on the ILCA website... I'm sure we will all want to congratulate Tracy and wish him well in his new role.
  5. Tillerman

    New Mast Top Section

    When are we going to get a mast top section that doesn't bend in 20 knots? It's ready. It's been tested. It's just politics holding it up. What a mess! Check out Lasers - all bent out of shape.
  6. Tillerman

    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    I can't see any official notice about the date or location of the 2012 Laser Masters Worlds on the ILCA website yet, but an article in Sail-World, about PSA ex-charter boats for sale, lists several upcoming major regattas in Australia and says that the 2012 Laser Masters World Championships will...