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    NEW YORK Wanted Laser Hull

    Looking within 1.5 to 2 hours of NYC. Looking for a post 85' or so boat hull but will consider older ones in good shape (eg. Stiff decks, no massive repairs). Looking to pay $300-500 for hull only.
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    NEW YORK Laser Full Rig

    Laser Full rig for sale. Sail is 2 years old and has been used for casual sailing. Mast + Boom are old style. Also have foils and accessories. Parts Located in Cold Spring, NY.
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    NEW YORK Looking for 80s laser (Hull or complete) in NYC area.

    Looking for an 80s laser with a stiff deck and in decent condition. Need to buy before sailing season begins.
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    NEW YORK Laser Hull Wanted

    Looking for a mid-80s laser hull (although will consider an older one if the price is right) with a stiff deck and no leaks. Paint, cosmetic and fitting issues ok, do not need deck hardware ext. Looking to pay 150 to 400 dollars. Within 2 hours of West Point, NY
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    NEW YORK Parting Out Laser Sailboat

    All of these parts are available for sale in good condition. Any of them can be shipped upon request at buyers expense. PM me for pictures if you are interested. Sail- $225 Rudder- $250 Centerboard- $299 Mast (Upper and lower)- $399 Boom- $200 Older Harken Block- $49 Boom Vang- $20 Optiparts...
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    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    I have a 1986 Laser with stiff decks and pristine sails with complete rigging that I find myself needing to put a price on. What is a fair price for a package like this (Opti Parts and ACME tiller, New Boom vang, Autobailer and mainsheet. Ext.). In other words, what would a similar boat run me...
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    Updated  Looking to trade racing dingy for an 1978-early 80s j24.

    I have a 1997 JY15 with upgraded OD spec Harken interior hardware, two sets of class legal north sails and nearly $1000 worth of spare parts. Looking to trade it for a J24 with a trailer to do some informal club racing. Boat is worth 2000-3500 dollars not including value of spare parts and...
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    1987 Laser for fleet racing

    2 months ago I bought this Laser Hull in Brick, NJ for $225. It has proven to be an amazing way to get out on the water with the laser fleet cheap. Only takes on about a gallon of water after 2 hours of 20+ knot wind sailing. Deck is solid but has one depression by the downhaul cleat. After...
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    JY15 "8 Lives" For Sale in NY

    Power, Space and Sail Area, 3 prominent features of 8 Lives, a 1997 Hunter JY15 which is now available for sale. Her and her over $800 of upgrades as recent as 2018 are offered in exchange for just $1250, a great price for a great boat. These include: Harken Interior Upgrades, New Standing and...
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    Laser Hull (Needs Work)

    This laser hull needs work, it has a good bottom (perfect gel coat) and a relatively soft deck (as comes with intense use here in the Northeast). The foam hull blocks (it is an 1985') are waterlogged, and the boat is 50 pounds overweight as a result. The hull/deck joint is not watertight in the...