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  1. JPop

    Very used/worn Laser 2 main & chute - just pay for shipping

    Yay! Spinnaker has found a new home. Still available: Main.
  2. JPop

    WASHINGTON Very used/worn Laser 2 main & chute - just pay for shipping

    Hey there, I replaced the main on my L2 and am wanting the old one to go to a fellow sailor. It is an original Laser 2 class sail in poor shape, with rust stains and the rope on the luff coming out at the head for 4" or so. It is repairable and usable. Battens not included. Pay shipping and...
  3. JPop

    0 Crewsaver Phase 2 trapeze harness, size J, needs new clip

    Like-new Crewsaver Phase 2 trapeze harness, size junior. The adjustment clip had a small bit of plastic break off. It holds as-is but I wouldn't recommend using it... If you can get this strap adjuster piece replaced, I'm happy to send it to you for the cost of shipping ($12 or so). $90 retail.
  4. JPop

    WASHINGTON Laser 2 spinnaker

    My boat came with this yellow and white chute but no whisker pole or rigging for it, so rather than invest more than my boat is worth to rig this up I'll just part with it. You'll note some "sail repair" from the previous owner. Make an offer. Shipping in the US (from Seattle) is probably...
  5. JPop

    Laser 2 repair/rehab/replace questions

    Ok, just rigged the shock cord and it seems to be way too long. By several feet. I am used to the 470 trap system and this all seems pretty clunky! We have the jib halyard hook. The wire loop attached to the rope tail is a good 3" short of getting there even when the sail is fully hoisted...
  6. JPop

    Laser 2 repair/rehab/replace questions

    Thanks so much! My boat is on drydock - I'll go down and get some photo/video over our long weekend. I do think whatever is supposed to secure the jib halyard is just plain old not there. Pretty stoked that I just got a new tiller, some shockcord, and some other bits. Gonna make this all...
  7. JPop

    Laser 2 repair/rehab/replace questions

    THANK YOU for all of this! (Yes, we did have a "combined" halyard on some dinghy I sailed in the 80s-90s... ugh, what was it?) I'll check that sheave at the mast top. What you say makes sense, of course! The cleating/locking system is what I started writing about but hit return or...
  8. JPop

    Laser 2 repair/rehab/replace questions

    Hey there friends, I bought a very old Laser 2 last year and have slowly watched the parts disintegrate. I don't know the year, but I know it has the screw hatch only on the transom (not on the bulkhead), the main halyard enters the mast on the lower portion, no spinnaker launch tube, and both...
  9. JPop

    1983 Laser Rainbow deck

    In '94-'96 I sailed a rainbow Laser out of Milwaukee- it had the rainbow on the sail but then the rainbow stripes were on the side of the hull instead of on the deck, if I remember correctly. Maybe one of you all is sailing the one I had :) The other kids in sailing school used to make fun of...
  10. JPop

    Laser II parts: Lost the hull to a hurricane

    Did these sell? If not, I'm totally interested!!! PM'd you :)