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    Packing it in!

    This old geezer has finally realized that he's not as young and agile as he once was. I've been sailing Sunfish since the early 1970's and just don't have the ability to easily trail, launch, sail and then reverse the process. Only sailed 5z or 6 times this past season although I'm in an area...
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    Towing a Sunfish.

    On rare occasions I have towed one of my 'fish to a swimming/ small boat cove off the main lake with my deck boat at a slow speed of 5 to 10 knots. I have always had someone in the 'fish steering with the daggerboard and rudder down. The sail is furled. Has anyone any experience towing an...
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    Old Trailer from Alcort

    Bought this trailer through an AMF-Alcort employee in Bridgeport, CT. Think it was in the mid 1970's. Over the years new axel, wheels, tires, paint job. Still does the job. Pix do not show carpeted support (bunk?) boards.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    I am aware of most of the usual backing hints: back-up camera, side mirrors, steering by one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel, etc. I realize too that a small trailer has a small wheelbase which accentuates every small turn of the steering wheel. I have an original Alcort trailer which i...
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    Unexpected Coronavirus Result

    Nice spring weather has warmed up Lake Norman here in NC. Lowered Sunfish from garage ceiling, put trailer together, checked rigging and was all set to start sailing. What's wrong with this scenario? Launch ramps I use are closed because they are in a County Park which is closed because of the...
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    Geezer Rigging

    My daughter's and I raced (locally) and sailed for many years in the NYC area. Except for minor forays to the North Carolina coast the boats (a 1973 and a 1977) have not been actively used and hang from my garage ceiling I do have an electric hoist) in the Lake Norman, NC area where I now live...
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    Beaching Sunfish in Surf

    If this has been discussed before, sorry, I missed it. My several attempts to beach my 'fish in a mild surf have all ended in disaster: broken mast, broken dagger board, sails buried in sand, etc etc. Any suggestions? What do you think of this idea? Drop, furn and tie sail to bridle, raise...
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    Mast Needed

    Anybody in the Lake Norman - Charlotte, NC have a new or used Sunfish mast for sale?
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    Mast wanted (Lake Norman)

    Need new or used Sunfish mast. Lake Norman, NC area
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    Deck stripes

    I have a 1973 Alcort Sunfish and need to repaint the red/white/blue deck stripes. Actually would need the red and blue. Any suggestions as to brand, type, color, etc? Clyde
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    sanding marine-tex

    What do you guys use to sand down Marine-Tex that you've applied to repair small gouges, etc.? Is a 5 inch orbital sander too much or are the small ones OK. I don't want to destroy the adjacent gel coat. Thanks for any advice! Clyde
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    super sunfish rig and sail

    Anyone out there have a super sunfish rig and sail for sale? Clyde
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    Sail Cips vs Sail Ties

    Pros and cons, please, of using the regular plastic sail clips or using line to attach the sail to the spars.
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    surf launching

    Any hints or suggestions (besides don't do it) on launching (and landing) a 'fish in the surf?
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    Towing a Sunfish

    Has anyone out there had experience towing a Sunfish with another boat? I have a 26' outboard boat and would like to tow the 'fish to other areas of the lake on which I sail. I've thought of a "V" bridle amd a boom of some kind to prevent the 'fish from running up on the outboard. And I knowe...
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    Painting hull

    Does anyone have any feed back for me as to what kind of paint I should use? I am repairing blisters/bubbles and filling, now need to resurface. Is Imron a good choice? I tried some gelcoat touchup a year ag or so and it was not durable. Suggestions welcome!
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    Hull blisters

    I leave my Sunfish (circa 1976) in the water (fresh) 9 months of the year. It has developedc serious hull blisters. I will not keep it in the water again but how do i fix them in the meantime? I know I have to grind them down but what do I use as filler?
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    I have an older Sunfish which has developed serious blisters on the hull. How do I proceed to repair this problem?