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    FLORIDA Sail, wood mast, boom, rig for sale

    Make offer for pick up only.. I have several items from a clean out of a life time sailors storage. This is a solid wood mast boom rig. Sail and all riging in good shape. Wood could use a quick re- varnish. No rot. I'm in panama city Florida. I don't think its shipable. I can provide better...
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    Mystery sail rig

    Good evening gentlemen. This is a little off but I have recently come into a pile of sailing equipment, sails rigging from an older sailor who moved away. Here are some pics of a rig I found and have no idea what it is. It is quality made and appears to be all mahogany but needs varnish. It has...
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    Scorpion sailboat

    Nice video. Sail flow will share with some students.
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    Sail I.D.

    I came by about 15 sails of various type. Big, small, mains and jobs. Here are a couple that appear to be small boats. Any ideas of what boat they are for?
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    Scorpion sailboat

    You can temp tie the sail to the boom with small cord like para. I can't tell but pic looks like he is about to tackle or really close to the wind. The sail is not really fully foiled. My fave color combo on a scorpion.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Yep in my last post...dang spell check screwed it. First word should have been uhaul. I've have them do all kinds.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Unable will install any hitch you want on any vehicle as long as its safe. Here is just 1 of half dozen brands.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Sounds like its not a true autumn preview if you can't really inspect them. Its just me but I don't believe I would participate in that. Im a hands on see what I'm getting guy.
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    Boat Pics

    Sweet. I had a chance on one of those but wondered if it was a pita to set up at waters edge of trailer. One man
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    EZ Rec Rack For Sunfish

    This guy is a freakin genius. LOL love his can do self sufficient remedy.
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    Best product for patching a hull hole in a Phantom 14

    No question to me grind back open up, Diagnose, fiberglass cloth weave and chop backer, inside and out.
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    Boat Pics

    I can see that. I may be just being too critical. But it made my rear end pucker just watching. LOL just sayin... Po-man out...
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    Boat Pics

    Ahhhhh. Still...I would just swing in and point windward, dump the sail. Even the guy supposing to set the example was fighting lines all over and seemed to struggle. Clear the decks, plan your landing/offloading. I don't want to be too critical of the person in the videos, just the technique...
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    Boat Pics

    WTH??? Both these look like they've been drinking all day. Too much line and confusion on deck. Its not that hard. I grew up launching and beaching in the Florida surf. Head in...steady...pull the dagger as needed , let the rudder come up ...hit the beach at same time let the sheet out fully...
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    Storing boat on starboad side

    I'm hurting for space. (13 boats) Does it harm a sunfish to store the hull on edge on the starboard (drain) side. Will it tend to warp or do damage?
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    1970 Sunfish Repair - Needing help to bringing order to the chaos!

    Good to know. One Can't have too many specialty tools!
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    Scorpion sailboat

    If I were never going to pull it apart again I would use thixo or west 610 but if there is a possibility go with something like 4200 or 5200 in some cases.
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    The Final Hurdle - Boat Trailer

    Agree w tag. If I were to buy a trailer to haul a sunfish I would most definately buy a utility style and modify to a multi purpose. Also they are easier to sell when not needed. And very useful for lots of other things. More positives than a single use dedicated sunfish trailer.
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    Adding a mast cleat

    Thanks Beeler2. I'm glad its over. Lol. Now I can teach the grandkids how to sail. That was the goal.. Thats the original 45 year old sail. Its on its last leg but I tried to preserve it. The tac and 3 more gromets were torn out and 2 holes repaired. I wish the fish was more visible.
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    Sunfish bridal or traveler or ???

    Maybe on that boat...but I bought a metal one from Alan. LOL....Just in could happen...