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    Stays with old style Tball ends

    Thanks Vince- West Marine came through for me. Just stepped the mast Friday and put the rig to the test yesterday in 10-12kn. Nice to have new wires!!!!
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    Shrouds- Uppers & Lowers NEW

    Ordered these and found out they didn’t fit my older Kenyon Mast- length was right but the new style T balls were too big too fit in the old backing plate. West Marine made me a set that fit, so passing them on to someone with the newer style mast. Built to factory specs with Alexander Roberts...
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    ‘78 part-out

    That looks like a back stay and forestry. I’m looking for the side shrouds
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    Stays with old style Tball ends

    Who can I order a set of stays from with the old style ends for a 1983 Kenyon mast? Thanks.
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    Wanted: uppers and lowers with old style 3/16 stamped Tball ends.

    Have an old Kenyon mast. Went to replace the standing rigging and noticed the new style Tball ends are too big. Need a set with smaller old style fittings.
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    ‘78 part-out

    Are the uppers and lowers the old style 3/16 Tball tips Or the modern ones with 6 stamped on them? I just bought a new set but need the old style. I can pay you ASAP and give you my FedEx acct number for quick shipping. Billy
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    2021 Quantum Genoa For Sale

    Give me a call if the genoa is still for sale. Billy 970-309-1230
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    Wanted J/24

    I didn’t receive your message. Did you send it to 970-309-1230?
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    Wanted J/24

    If you are still looking for a J24 in SoCal, let me know. My 1983 J24 is for sale in Long Beach. Great boat for $2000. 9703091230 Billy
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    Older traveller system as pictured

    How much? I’ve got a 1983 boat, but the traveller car is kindof shot.