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    Bent latch plate

    Apparently somewhere in its past my recently aquired boat was dropped on its rudder latch plate leaving the plate in the shape shown. Obviously work will have to be done on the fiberglass, but if I remove this plate can it be flattened back to original by tapping on it with a wood block or...
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    A few changes since last I was here.

    I was trying to find a post of mine back in early September or late August and all I can find are two pages worth of threads. If there is an extra hoop I have to jump through to get to older threads I would appreciate it if someone would point it out. Thanks. RVC
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    Crack down the middle

    I'm very glad I found this forum and hope to be an active part of it in time. I was recently given an older Sunfish. I have never sailed a boat alone and hope to learn with this one. One problem right off the bat is a crack down the middle of the keel (for lack of a better term). When the...