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    History Question- Two Tone Hull???

    I've searched a bunch and can't quite find the answer I'm seeking. I have a rescue Hull and in the process of restoring it to operation. I'm fixing all the Hull problems and going to get rid of some spider cracks while I'm at it. Near as I can figure it's a 1989 made by Laser International in...
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    Question for an Engineer and Laser Driver

    I'm turning a wayward hull in to a working boat(non-class). I'm going to make a BoomVang something like the race versions. Since I have not yet been able to get one in hand.... How thick are the Stainless side plates????? I realize that the design, cross pylons placements and other thing will...
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    Going to Resurrect a Laser

    Hello All, I just acquired a hull which appears to be a ZID circa 1989. Looks to be in good shape except a small spot of delam, near the center of the aft deck. I'm going to try to make it sail again, on a shoestring budget. I have tools and fabrication skills and don't care about class legal. I...