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    FYI: Removing Leaf Stains on Deck

    I store my 'fish outside under a tarp. During the winter mice like to collect leaves for nesting under the tarp. When the leaves get wet they "stain" the deck. Quite by accident I found that if you leave the deck stains in sunlight for a few hours, they disappear! Before discovering this...
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    Deck stains from fall leaves

    Fall leaves got wet on the deck under the covering tarp. I tried to remove the stains with Starbrite, Comet Cleanser, Comet cleaner with bleach, and Mr. Clan eraser. None of them worked. Anybody have a way to get these stains out? Thanks, Fred
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    Foam blocks glued to bottom?

    I was examining the inside of my '79 Sunfish and noticed that the foam blocks on both sides of the cockpit area are not glued to the bottom of the hull. Is this normal? The tops are glued with what looks like the original foam stuff. There is only a little play in the motion of the blocks at the...
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    Stopping sail chafe on port tack?

    When I'm on port tack the bottom of the sail hangs down against the mast and the gooseneck and tends to chafe. Anybody got a fix other than applying sail tape over that sail area? Thanks, Fred
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    How do I keep water from getting into the mast tube?

    Anybody got an idea for keeping water out of the mast tube while the mast is up? (Or even when it's not up.) I want to use the boat on a salt water beach and leave the mast up with sail and boom attached (sail lowered, of course) when the boat is not in use. I don't want rain water filling the...
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    Fixing a leak under rub the rail?

    I found a leak under the aluminum rub rail between the deck and hull. I don't want to remove the rail and the leak is out of reach inside the hull via the rear inspection port. I'm thinking of just putting sealant as far under the rub rail as possible, extending to the pop rivets on either side...
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    '69 Sunfish and Trailer in NW NJ (Clinton Area)

    In good shape and ready to sail. Foils replaced recently. '90 Yacht Club trailer in good shape. If interested, E-mail me for more details. Fred
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    A message for Supercub

    You sent me e-mail but when I responded to your address it tells me "unacceptable address" ???? Fred
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    Any way to fix crazing?

    The deck on my 'fish has crazing (fine cracks, really) from hard hits on the deck and edges. Is there any "easy" way to hide them? I thought maybe some Marinetex on the cracks followed by wet sanding might work. I don't want to get involved in sanding down the whole deck or that big a project...
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    How to get rudder springs off and on?

    Is there a tool or a trick to getting the rudder springs off and back on other than brute force? Thanks, Fred
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    Best location of trailer bunks for a 'fish?

    Some years ago when I first got a Sunfish I read somewhere that the best locations for the two rear supporting bunks on a trailer are near the outer edges of the hull. A friend of mine recently was told by a sail boat shop where she bought a trailer that the bunks should be centered on each side...
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    Is a cracked rudder blade a common failure?

    Is a cracked new style rudder blade a common failure? What causes it? I was out today in some heavy air and noticed a crack when I got home. I just bought the boat and don't know if the crack was there when I got it or if I did it. Thanks, Fred
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    Source for foam blocks?

    Anybody know where I might buy a closed cell foam block such as used in a Sunfish? I need to replace the block in the bow. I had no luck with Tap Plastics suggested by Ken Park in my previous thread. Thanks, Fred
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    What kind of "foam" is inside a 'fish?

    Does anybody know the type of foam used inside a Sunfish? Is it styrofoam just like you get in packages sometimes? I need to replace a missing piece in the bow. Thanks, Fred
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    Need advice on painting the splash guard (Coaming)

    What type of paint should I use to paint the coaming on a '79 'fish? The present coaming is a teal color but it has a lot of wear on the top and the paint, or whatever it was originally, is worn off. Thanks for your help. Fred
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    What's the Maximum speed of a 'Fish

    Has anyone ever measured or calculated the maximum speed of a Sunfish? I assume it can go faster than the theoretical hull speed while planing so it should be pretty fast and may depend on the wind speed. Anybody ever clocked a 'Fish at all? Thanks, Fred P.