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    What do you use to hold sheet ratchet?

    Do you have a picture?
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    Used J24 - repair costs?

    From the other side of the fence, I think a J24 is the best boat in the whole world to start sailing and racing. That is how my family started back in the 80's, and I don't think I would be half the sailor I am today if we bought a Catalina 22, or 25 (comparable at the time). I highly doubt...
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    Laser Sheet diameter?

    Use what is comfortable for you. If you have a big hand, it makes sense to use a bigger diameter sheet for comfort, regardless of what the top sailors use. I can't imagine trying to use or sheet with paracord diameter lines either, it would probably be the same as using dental floss :D, so the...
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    Laser gunwhale damage repair

    Even if done wrong, as long as it doesn't leak, should be good!:rolleyes: Heck, you can dab a bunch of FlexSeal on there to make it water tight and not fuss with epoxy and sanding!:D
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    Laser gunwhale damage repair

    YouTube has some Laser Restoration videos, just do a search. I think there was a 3 or 4 part series on a restoration project that included a section of the gunwale. Should be an easy fix for yours, sand it back, throw on some thickened epoxy (peanut butter consistency), shape it, sand it down...
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    gday from FNQ Australia

    Ingenious design, I'd like to see a pic of that actually on the rig, if you don't mind. If you need even lighter tails, try using old cassette tapes.
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    Gelcoat Restoration on a 1973 Laser? Advice appreciated

    I have the same color, year, and repairs to my hull. What was with those people dragging boats across rocks back then:confused:? If you get some gelcoat color tint, you can get pretty close to the matching the same color to patch and fill in the deep groves so it won't look that bad compared to...
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    Burnt laser repair

    Not sure if you can order through the internet from other countries, but if you can, there are some sailing chandlery sites that sell gelcoat with standard pigments (you would only need a little pin drop or two of Black). If you get desperate, let me know how much gel coat you need and I can...
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    Burnt laser repair

    You might want to make a template from the opposite side of the boat with thin plywood to be able to duplicate the shape in that section, if that makes any sense. You can use it prior to applying gelcoat to gauge the shape prior to gel coating and to fair down any high spots so that the gelcoat...
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    1995 Deck Blisters

    Lots of great articles online by searing "gelcoat blisters". That is a tough call if I would fix them, depending on the amount, and time I have. If you are only sailing sporadically, then I would probably leave them alone, try to keep the area as dry as possible. It's hard to maintain or...
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    best way to fix the top of the mast step hole?

    You should post some picture so we can see the area you are talking about.
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    Questions regarding a 95 Graffiti Edition?

    Should be able to find some good information if you use the Search tool and enter: Special Edition Lasers
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    Mast step donut question - 1978 Laser

    I would think that if you took all of the donut out from the square buttress it sits in, there should be an impression or discoloration from where the tube was sitting. I would also imagine that the tube would fit nicely back to its original position, just like when anything else would break or...
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    Two dumb questions...

    There should only be 2 jib sizes for the J/24; not sure if the sailmaker would label the sails (150%, 100%, etc.), but usually they label the bag so you don't have to take the sail out to read the size, it's on the bag. If you don't have anything noted on the bag, once you do find out, you...
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    Dodgy knees

    I you have the money, get a Finn!
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    50th Sunfish Worlds

    World Champion is right here....
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    My thoughts exactly Vince. I think everyone wants to know, what is behind that plate? :confused: It has a removable pin, please take it out and take a picture...I gotta know!!!:D The photo you enhanced (the lower fitting has what appears to be threaded screws, the top with deteriorated rivets)...
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    IDK about the specific one-design J/24 blooper rules, but a good discussion here: blooper time!
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    In the photo, I actually mis-labeled the Jab Halyards, the #1(primary) should be right under the forestay, and #2 (secondary) is offset to port. The spinnaker halyard, forestay and Jib #1 should be all lined up one over the other. I can't tell by your one pic, but it looks like that is the way...
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    For what its worth, took some pics for ya.