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    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Find me on facebook. I'll keep you posted on what we are doing this summer. Maybe you can join us for a weekend race out in your direction. Dean Travis
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    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Let me know where you sail from. Maybe we can meet up this summer. I'm sailing out of West Bay Yacht Club in East Greenwich. Where located at Norton's Shipyard. Dean Incognito Hull #16
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    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Waterline would be my top choice. Since you bring up insurance companies. Waterline is the builder and they would be the best option for getting the work done and though the insurance process.
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    J 24 repair Rhode Island

    Hi Mary, There are plenty of sources here in Rhode Island. Depends on what type of work and what your budget is. Can even help you with some do it yourself tasks if needed. Let me know. Dean
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    Price reduction on Quantums with only 1 event, and cheap practice sails!

    Hi, Can you send me pictures of the one event Quantums? I'm in Rhode Island. Dean
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    Declining J/24 Interest ?

    I keep hearing about decreasing local interest in J/24 racing. I see boats coming and going. But the numbers stay relatively the same. I like sailing my J and I like working on it. I find it pretty easy to find crew and easy to get them up to speed. For a boat that you can buy for around $5000...