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    Unique Sunfish mast/sail setup?

    According to FB it's been sold! Too bad, I'd like to have seen it in person just to check it out. I suspect that it will find it's way back to FB Marketplace again, either together or parted out! :):)
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    New Project Sunfish, 1970

    Unfortunately I remember them well! ;);););)
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    New Project Sunfish, 1970

    I like the first picture/parking sticker. Never imagined sailing a Sunfish at a "Nude Beach". At least not at my age! :cool:
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    I always wanted a Sunfish!

    Add the mast cleat. Easy to do. It makes getting the sail up easier and takes pressure off the bottom of the mast tube. Have a great time! Mike (sailing Sunfishes since 2013, when I turned 57!)
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    Minifish questions

    At one time we sailed the minifish (wife) and sunfish (me) at the same time. Accidentally switched masts once (but used the correct sail set for each boat). The sunfish mast worked OK in the was just taller. But when I tried to use the minis mast in the sunfish, it was MUCH...
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    Minifish questions

    The mast step (the technical name for the hole the mast goes into) is shaped like a waterproof cup. He is right that if the boat is sitting outside, or while sailing, water tends to get into the mast step. That is normal. What you hope for is that the water doesn't then seep into the interior...
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    New to all things Sunfish/Sailing

    I second Alan's suggestion NOT to remove any deck hardware. I have an old 1971 boat (and a newer one now). Every time I took something apart on the older boat to "fix" it, I ended up with another problem. If everything is sound, go sail it! You'll learn a lot, and you won't worry about...
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    Hoisting Sail is a Two Person Job?

    Barnmom: Do you have a cleat on your mast for the halyard? If not, that could be part of the issue. The mast cleat wasn't always standard, but it makes it a lot easier to get (and hold) the sail up while you finish tying off the end of the halyard. It also relieves some of the stress on the...
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    Hoisting Sail is a Two Person Job?

    You could try tying a modified truckers hitch (How to Tie a Trucker's Hitch) in the main halyard about 3 feet above the mast cleat (assuming you have one). You then take the main halyard down around the mast cleat, up through the truckers hitch, then back down. As you pull down on the halyard...
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    Advice needed on used Sunfish

    If its the absolute worst case, you can easily get your $325 back selling the parts.
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    Where does the daggerboard bungee go?

    I forgot about attaching it to the tack of the sail......thanks.....Mike
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    Where does the daggerboard bungee go?

    Depending on its length, it either goes around the mast, or through the bow handle. If it has some tension on it you can raise the daggerboard up, and the bungee will "tilt" it forward and hold it in place. Mike
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    Turtle Prevention

    That sounds HUGE! I just used the standard $1 noodle from the dollar store.....
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    Turtle Prevention

    Get the noodle with the big hole in the center.
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    Turtle Prevention

    It may be hard to visualize......I'd take a picture if I was near the boat..........Just to clarify. 12 inches long, about 3 inches in diameter. We just split a piece and tied it to the upper spar. Trimmed it to fit between the end of the spar and the first sail clip. rotated it such that...
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    Turtle Prevention

    We have attached about 12" of split pool noodle at the top of the upper spar on our club boats. Seems to keep the mast from sinking long enough that most people can get the boat back upright quickly. Pick the correct color and you hardly see it up there.
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    Covid: best-practices for sailing clubs

    Our club has a club owned/member used Sunfish and Laser. There are also a lot of member owned boats. We beach launch and recover and store outside. We have advised all to maintain a proper distance (6') while outside setting up/knocking down, etc.... The boats are stored outside. They...
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    I want to build an ultra light Sunfish. I have owned one in the past and will attest that at the current hull weight of 110 pounds they are strong

    I remember seeing somewhere that the manufacturing molds for the Phantom (Sunfish clone) were for sale. Cheap. Get the molds and experiment! Mike
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    Improve old boat or upgrade?

    My two cents worth........ Same racing situation, local club stuff.....I am 62 and have been racing about 10 years.... Used to sail my trusty 1972 Sunfish. I have the new rudder, better daggerboard, new non-class-legal sail. Even though I'd dry the boat out, was always chasing leaks and stuff...
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    Rudder on hold

    It sure would be a lot easier to beach launch the boat. That is what most of us do. Looking at Google Maps it looks like there are some nearby sites. Can you access any of them? Mike