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    NEW YORK Laser 2 Brand New Main and Jib Sails

    $740 USD-Laser 2 Mainsail and Jib-New Never used. Top quality from Intensity Sails. Ships in Canada or Continental US for less than $60 USD.
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    CANADA New Laser 2 Main and Jib

    Brand new in bags, Laser 2 Main and Jib. $890 USD includes shipping in the continental US.
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    CANADA 2000 Laser 1 Race Rigged

    2000 Laser 1 Race Rigged. Full or Radial rig available. Boat is in overall good condition and located in Barrie near Toronto.
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    NEW YORK Laser 1 Rudder and Daggerboard

    Refurbished Rudder. Rudder 250 Email for additional pics
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    NEW YORK GRP Laser 1 Daggerboard and Rudder

    GRP Rudder and Daggerboard used 1 week only at 2016 Worlds. Rudder 350 Daggerboard 350 Quick low cost shipping available. Email for additional pics
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    NEW YORK Laser 1 Rudder and Daggerboard

    Rudder and Daggerboard used 5 days off of a 2009 boat. Rudder 275 Daggerboard 275 Quick low cost shipping available. Email for additional pics
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    NEW YORK Wanted Laser 2 Rudder, complete

    Wanted-Laser 2 Rudder complete. Let me know what you have, and how much you are asking. Happy to pay shipping, and doesn’t matter to me where you are located.
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    NEW YORK Laser 1 GRP daggerboard, rudder, carbon fibre tiller w/extension available.

    Available: 2016 Daggerboard 300 2016 Rudder 300 Carbon fibre tiller with extension Very good condition. Selling separately. If interested please email me at
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    CANADA 1999 Laser 2

    Stiff hull and deck, light hull. Sails like new, spin crispy. Everything there to sail-complete boat. Delivery possible depending on destination. Email
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    CANADA Laser 2 Parts available

    Laser 2 parts for sale. Daggerboards, rudders, sails, masts, Booms, Trapeze rig, etc. Email for pricing and availability. Easy shipping.
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    CANADA Laser 2 parts and sails for sale

    Laser 2 parts and sails for sale. Used condition. Price depends on part. Daggerboard, rudder, main and jib, mast, boom, spinnaker, spinnaker pole, stays and shrouds, misc parts
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    NEW YORK Laser 2: Sails, daggerboard, rudder, masts and misc. parts for sale

    Laser 2 parts for sale. Daggerboard, rudder, sails, masts etc. Email for pricing and availability.
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Hello, Anyone have templates for the plywood supports for an ‘87 Laser 2? The rest of the boat is sound-but these rotted away! Thanks for the help. G
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    Deck damage

    Hello, Here we have a compound fracture of a 2009 Laser. Looking for suggestions on sequence of repairs, and specifically ways to deal with the deck hole. Thanks in advance for your comments!
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    Laser Parts Sails, Rudder, Compass+++

    I have the following available, all in top condition. email me for pics at fast low cost shipping available anywhere in North America. Rudder Blade 100 Racing Tiller 100 Racing Sail Full Rig 3.8oz...