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    Hull Separation Repair

    5200 actually works much better than thickened epoxy. Epoxy will alway just pop apart, waisting a lot of time and money. Use a sheet rock saw to cut out as much of the filler that was used to build the boat.
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    The Kindergarten Answer? - What boat is legal?

    How can you say " "The chance of running into a non-brand-new illegal hull in your area is close to zero", When LP and its dealers are selling new, non ICLA boats? Look at these, they are new and not ICLA legal.
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    Curved edge hull, removing the epoxy at the joint??

    I've found using a sheetrock saw like this is the best, then clean out with acetone, let dry, then use 5200 to fill in the joint. Epoxy will just crack over time and you'll have to redo it with 5200. Stanley 6.25 in. Jab Saw with Wood Handle-15-206 - The Home Depot
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    Hiking Pants - Yes or No?

    I've been using SEA Airprene (above the knee version) for years and won't race without them.
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    Acme Tillers

    There is no difference when sailing with them. Same profile/shape. I've had my Acme for around 15 years and can say that shows how well it's made. I've only had the Far East one for 6 months (for 2nd boat) and have not had any problems at all.
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    Frostbiting Gear

    Below air temp of 40 f, long sleeve crew neck and full leg Patagonia Capaline lightweight base layer with short SEA airprene hikers under my drysuit. Air temp around 20 f, I'll add a short sleeve lightweight Capaline shirt and and a midweight Patagonia R1 vest that has a crew neck collar (much...
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    Acme Tillers

    I have both the Acme and the Far East from Intensity Sails. No difference between the two other than the price.
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    Intensity Sails/Non-Laser Class Certified Sails

    The Intensity Sail is certainly made from better cloth and has a nicer shape than the North class sail.
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    All about to kick off....

    Take a look at who is on the ILCA Advisory Council in the 2013 Handbook and you will know why the ILCA is on the side of LaserPerformance and won't pay Kirby his entitled royalties. Bill Crane, aka Chairman of LaserPerformance...
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    2 FREE Laser Hulls in CT

    Can I pick it up today or tomorrow? I sent you a PM. Thanks
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    2 FREE Laser Hulls in CT

    Is the 1st one still available?
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    Laser Rules

    Keep the rule. No need to have lasers look like a Star boat racing downwind.
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    Winter storage on Kittyhawk trailor

    Your only concern should be keeping water out of your mast step with the boat upright. If enough gets rain water in there and freezes long enough, you'll have a pain of a repair job. Make sure you deck cover doesn't leak and maybe also duck tape it to seal it off. Keep your cockpit drain plug...
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    New standard sail

    Change the rule to: "The builder-supplied (o-rings) Sail may be substituted with non builder-supplied alternatives from supplier X and Y provided the basic function of the (bailer) Sail is unchanged. Vote on that...
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    New standard sail

    Why do we need to have LP in the supply chain? Each person in the chain is the cause for the price difference between the class sail and the non class sails. Why do you think North moved it's One Design production to Sri Lanka?
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    New standard sail

    I heard yesterday that North is getting out of Laser sail production and the class sail price was increasing. Good and not so good news, I guess.
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    Free membership and a $200 annual check>>>

    From my perspective, I'd like to see a sail made with decent cloth for our $600. It's not the $600, but the fact that after a day in breeze, it's toast. That's what I have an issue with. The margin is clearly there to use better cloth. The 3.2oz sails lasted longer than the current sails, as...
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    random question

    If the boat has an inspection port(s), open them up and put the hull in a closed room/garage with a dehumidifier. It will dry right out and lighten right up.
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    Laser sail quality and cost

    New sails designs don't get voted on by the class members.
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    Progress on new sail design ? Laser Tech committee

    Thanks for the info! Is there a time frame prior to the Olympics, that class equipment can't be changed. I remember something about the carbon radial spar and this and was wondering if the same "no change" period would exist for sails?