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    Weather helm on the reach

    What's the best way to reduce weather helm on a reach:; 1. Hike out more... 2. Ease the sheet... 3. Less (or more??) vang... Or a combination of the above? Cheers
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    Tell tales

    Upwind, I am managing to keep the tell tales above the window flying straight back on both sides, which I believe is good... But I struggle to get the top tell tale (towards the top of the sail, about 6 inches from the luff) to do anything other than fly either round and round, or upwards. My...
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    Windward heel

    Here's a question for all you engineers out there (or anyone else for that matter..). On the one hand we're told "flat is fast" - make best use of the aerodynamically (should be aquadynamically:confused: ?) efficient shape of the hull. On the other hand, when sailing downwind in light airs...
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    Too much outhaul?

    I had the unexpected pleasure of finishing second in a race at the weekend, comfortably beating a number of guys I usually trail behind. Whilst I'd like to put this down to a sudden huge leap in ability, tactical skills, reading the shifts, etc, the only thing that was notably different from...
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    Mast weight

    I need to arrange shipping of a Radial lower mast section - does anyone know how much these weigh? :confused: I am supposed to specify weight.... Thanks!
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    Radial sail question

    Help! A few weeks ago bought a second hand radial sail off eBay. Finally got round to checking it out today, all seems OK, except at the top of the mast tube, whereas my standard sail has a thick cloth loop the full width of the tube making it impossible for the top of the mast to protrude above...
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    Mainsheet block

    Checking over my mainsheet block, it's an old Holt-Allen, non ratchet type. Is there a benefit in replacing with a ratchet block, and if so, do you leave the ratchet on all the way round the course, or flick it off for the downwind legs? Thanks...
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    Bow repair

    Yep, it's "get the boat ready for next season" time - hence the questions... I tend to get quite a bit of water inside the boat, but have never been sure of how. The mast-step seems fine - have tried the "fill it and leave it" test, and the level doesn't go down at all. Also, no other obvious...
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    Bailer question..

    Hi, I have a bailer question I'd be interested to get feedback on. I've just replaced my bailer, but have found that the leading edge of the bailer protrudes about 1mm below the line of the hull. As there is only one screw in the middle of the assembly, tightening the screw seems to flex the...
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    Bouyancy bags?

    Hello all First post and all that - am replacing a (leaking) inspection hatch, and have encountered 3 (possibly more) sealed, heavy duty plastic bags inside the hull. These I assume to be bouyancy bags. Is this correct, and are they supposed to be there? I can't find much of a reference to...