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    J24 #2803 very well maintained, fast and race ready. Always dry sailed, currently in Newport, RI $15,000 Measurement certificate, raced competitively in Fleet 50 and in local, regional and World Championship regattas. Competitive: Finished 4th overall in the 2004 World Championships winning...
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    RHODE ISLAND 2020 Sunfish

    Sunfish, sailed one time. Stored indoors. No scratches or marks. mint. low stretch acing lines, mast cleat on mast for adjusting from stranded to Jens rig, racing blade, racing sail used one time, stored indoors. high quality Colie top and bottom cover, blade bag dolly in Newport RI
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    Catalina 8: info please

    Does anyone have info on a Catalina 8? Have a hull, saw an ad that said it takes a Laser rig. Need a blade and rudder for it.
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    Spar stifness - England

    Back during the 2002 Worlds in Hyannis it seemed everyone showed up with spas from England and they stood out because they were black. Ive not seen them much since 02. DOes anyone know if these mast and boom sections are stiffer than what we see in the States, and where they can be purchased?